Bring back the victorious stubble!


Notice how O'Shea has grown in a nice beard as the season has gone on and look how well they are doing.

Austin's facial hair game has been weak all season... like the rest of the team. Time to bring back that magnificent stubble.

All kidding aside though, they need to start playing like a team from here on out. Otherwise I am going to be hoping for an all Western GC. Anything less would not be very entertaining with the way the East has pooped the bed this year.

I'm not convinced that we would be helped by this....


or even this...

Well said 'Odee-wan kenobi'. The force is strong with this one.

Austin better look like Santa Clause by week 18 if we want to have a shot.

Seriously though, no more costly turnovers and please get the initial first down.

P.S.- Something akin to this should do the trick: