Bring back the striped sleeves.... yes or no?

I'd like to start a movement to bring back the famous Ticats striped sleeves.

That should be the cold weather jersey. Oh, I almost forgot, the Ticats don't play in the cold weather. :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the striped but only on the short sleeve, Never like them on the linemen right down to the cuff, looked like bumble bees! Maybe on a short sleeve with black longsleaves underneath.

I've always liked the striped sleeves

Unfortunately we won't see them like in the '60's. The old days had the 3/4 length sleeve but those are long gone.

A lot of players now especially linemen like the sleeves tucked up underneath for more flexibility and gives their opponents less to grab on to.

I would like to see the old style sleeves come back
They had a certain fashionable quality that worked. It rounded out the tiger image and created a complete looking uniform
Even the short sleeve stripes look good like they had in '86

Bring back the stripes and lose the piping

It doesn't matter that we may like striped sleeves. It doesn't matter that we may be nostalgic for uniforms from the glorious past.

What matters now is that the league has a contract with Reebock. THey will design the unis, with a minimal amount of input from the teams. It's called progress. It's also called corporate profitability.

Its called crap

I want to see them in leather helmets.

An Argo-Cat fan

I agree... there's no reason why reebock can't design the jersey with strips. As for the teams having no input... that's rediculous. What's to stop them from designing the argo jerseys in double pink? (although.. I think that would be appropriate :slight_smile: )

There are no sleeves in football jerseys anymore.

What's left does have a couple of stripes to hark back to the tradition.

It's a nice combination of traditional and new jerseys.

I like the jerseys but feel strongly that there should Bea contrast between tops and pants. I hate the all black look and hate the all white look even more. I don't care what team it is an all one colour uni looks dreadful

(CaptainKirk) There are no sleeves in football jerseys anymore.
Is this the case when the weather turns cold or snows?

^ How about the Cats getting striped underarmour shirts?

That would work.

BTW, I like the all black and all white looks.

8) I agree 100% !!!!!