Bring Back the Rough Riders Uniforms & Helmets !

In response to Red Head’s » 10 Jan, 2015 entitled " Where Is Everybody ?" I’ll have to post my usual rant for the RedBlacks to adopt the Ottawa Rough Riders uniforms with the Big White R without the saw blade. C’mon RedBLacks make my dream come true. No kidding, when the Ottawa franchise was dead and gone about 8 years ago, I had a dream that I was at Lansdowne Park watching the Rough Riders play again as a new team with the familiar Russ Jackson and Tony Gabriel “R” on the helmet. I know, call me crazy, but I actually had a dream like this. When I woke up I actually thought, " That’s never going to happen. Let’s hope it comes true !!!

give it a rest

you give it a rest

Not a Ottawa fan ,but I would also like to see the old unis.

I would love to see something done about the numbers on their CURRENT uniforms
get rid of the RED numbers and go with white, they are so difficult to see from a distance :?

Amen to that , brother. :smiley:

At preseason game A in Hamilton, it seemed like they had brightened up the colour of red that is used in the uni’s. much easier to see to both numbers, and piping.

That being said, they are probably still the single least imaginative and easily the worst put together uni’s in the entire league. with the “signature” uniforms, doubly so.

I noticed that too. I thought it was just me but I think they did brighten the red and chaged the names to white. They should have done the same to the jersey numbers and had them solid white and gotten rid of the italics. They remind me too much of Nascar race numbers.

I felt that Ottawa’s White Unis look alright but need just a pinch more red, their black unis are boring but functional and need something on the sleeves and their red uniforms would look decent if they got rid of the hockey logo style, black logo on the sleeves and ditched the absurd plaid helmets for black ones.

the plaid helmets never happened
they used the black ones with the home black jerseys and the third jersey

“Ottawa’s White Unis look alright but need just a pinch more red” - well they need more than a ‘pinch more red’ - and rid themselves of the ugliest helmet(the white one) in the league. I thought the team name was “RedBlacks”, NOT “WhiteBlacks”! No doubt the original uniforms & helmets would be a massive improvement over what this team wears now.

Might be getting closer…

[url=] ... t/20768486[/url]

Thanks CFRadmin. I just ordered one from the CFL shop. Hope they come out with more RR stuff.

I really didn’t think they would go about it this way, releasing an item or two with no fanfare. I thought that they would make more of an event out of it.

I hope demand dictates that there be more options. I still have an old Rough Riders ball cap, but you don’t really those corduroy lids around anymore. :oops:

I’m going to make you faint, ORR… I agree with you 100%… it would be great to see to the old unis on the field… my very first CFL game was at Taylor Field vs. Ottawa back in 1977… it would bring back great memories to see those again… even better would be to see the games between Sask/Ottawa using retro unis from the 70’s for both games!

Will they be using the plaid helmets at all this season?

No, they couldn’t get those to work.

:thup: I just think the old RR unis were the best looking ones. I love the old Sask Ronnie Lancaster ones also. I'm a traditionalist and don't particularly like the look of the modern unitard uniforms although if they have traditional styling, piping and trim like the Argonauts, Tiger-Cats and Eskimos, the current Reeboks don't look as bad. Winnipeg I believe, have the nicest looking unis in the league IMO and they have modern looking oringinal uniforms. Even if the RedBlacks adopted their styling but with Ottawa colours they could have really nice unis. I just don't think there was much thought put into Ottawa's current uniforms. They're bland and boring.

Next year !!! New Nike Rider-styled uniforms with a big RedBlacks white “R”. On the helmet like the old RR but updated. C’mon Hunt, OSEG do it. You’ve had 2 seasons to grow your brand now. Make some old RR fans happy damn it !

It wont be Nike next year. It will be Adidas… and they pretty much have their design set. I was at the team shop last week and they told me there won’t be too many changes except there may be some alterations to the font and size to make the numbers more viewable.