Bring Back the Rider Rooster...

Anyone else remember the Rider Rooster? Very underrated mascot. Top 10 best mascots of all time if you ask me. I think there's 2 things this new ownership must bring back. The R on the helmet, and the Rider Rooster.

AMEN TO BOTH POINTS. It's funny I was sitting at Frank Clair Stadium last night thinking about the Rider Rooster and that I liked him better than Ruffy. He was our San Diego chicken and he was pretty cool looking. I agree, bring back the Rooster and PUT THE BIG WHITE "R" BACK ON OTTAWA'S HELMET !!!!

I remember the Rooster from when i was younger, he was awesome, i had my picture taken with him when i was like 10 years old. Still have that picture. Ruffy is too much of a pansy, Rooster would kick his a$$. And i agree with the "R". i've been saying that for a while that they should find a way to incorporate it.

Didnt they have some kind of halftime ceremony in the early 90’s, where some truck came out to the middle of the field, threw the Rider Rooster in the back, closed the doors, drove away, then that Wild Thing mascot came in on another truck??? And thats how they got rid of the Rooster? Does anyone else remember that?? Maybe I’m thinking of something else… Anyway bring back The Renegade Rooster!!

I remember something like that, but wasn't it the other way around ? The Rooster got rid of Wild Thing ? I was there but can't remember. I know the Rooster uniform was starting to look beat up towards the end. Didn't The Rooster replaced Ruffy and then Ruffy was brought back by popular demand and both were kept ?

i cannot comment on the mascot, i have not been to enough games. On the topic of the name. Keep it! I would much rather they lowered the season ticket prices, then spend money buying back the old name...besides there are 9 teams in the league and we want 2 of them named the same...


The Renegades should buy the Ottawa Rough Riders Intellectual property for marketing purposes such as throw back jerseys, throw back helmets, sweaters, hats etc... They could make $ selling Renegades and Riders stuff that would help contribute to lower the ticket prices etc... They could also use former Rider players for marketing purposes also.