Bring back the Reinbold Magic

Here is something for everyone to laugh about. I have a buddy here at work that claims that Rienbold should be brought back to be head coach. He says that Rienbold didn't have enough time to complete his project and that if he was here they would have been Grey Cup Champions. I think he has been smoking or drinking some strange brew. The funny thing is he actually believes what he is saying.

....I have a suggestion for your friend....He should contact Jeff....and suggest to him to get on his 'hog' and take a great big run at trying to jump the Red...if he makes it....then he MIGHT get another look at a janitorial job at the stadium...the only magic i ever seen from that the 'disappearing act' he did with wins he was supposed to get for the Bombers... :thdn: :lol:

Hey Papa, now I know where our #1 Agricultural crop gets sent to......Mad Bombers buddy.

Bringing Reinbold back would be the BIGGEST mistake the Bombers could ever make.

While the Jeffster was here those pathetic teams had one thing going for them - outstanding special teams. If he came back as special teams coach I'd be happy.

He benched and then cut Gerald Wilcox and the Blue went 6 games without a passing TD. He owes us all that wasted time and effort!

Does your buddy also have a dog that talks to him…