Bring back the gold pants.

The white pants are awful. That's the reason we're losing.

Mikey, how much did you pay this guy? Or are you this guy? lol

Luckily I'm 'on-line' simultaneously.....I figured people might get suspicious. :twisted:

But yeah, I hope Christopher Dean is reading this......I'VE GOT A NEW CONVERT!!


Two Computers :stuck_out_tongue: (Laptop and Desktop)

I'm not a new convert. I haven't liked these pants since I first saw them. They look like women's capri pants. I would like the black & white stripe returned, also.

White pants belong at the Ballet. Bring back the cup of Grey.

Have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of these either, to be honest.

Thanks for the vote of confidence that I'd actually be able to work two of these machines at the same time Miller.... :lol:

Like working two Bingo cards at once, ainna' gonna happen in my world :cry:

Who cares about Pants I want to win..
We could Where Tootoos for All I Care.
as Long as We Win..

Post of the year, Tom!

Shucks :lol: Thanks

Time for the rally TooToo. I smell huge fan gear market success.

I miss the gold pants too.

Do we really need pants? We have just been filling them so far.

Great post: :lol:
Bob and Rob probably missed this. They need to find a tailor real quick and bring back Greg :wink: .

But I agree about the pants...they need get back to gold.

I personally like the all white uniforms, i think they look very professional.

Yes bring back the gold pants, do you remember when the Pittsburgh Steelers donated their surplus pants to the Ticats. Think it was back in the 90s when the team was losing money and almost bankrupt.

I am curiuos, I can’t remember when the new uniforms came in, 1.5 or 2.5 seasons ago.

Think of what the teams record with the new look. I think it is time for the retro look as in the Mikey Morreale picture. We had a better winning record.

Last season

ROTFLMAO. So true so true