Bring back The Flame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I want to start a campaign to bring back the Flame !! .. in all of his dangerous un-safetyness !!

What was his name again? ....

Sandy 'The Flame" Monteith

I thought it was Monteith !!! … but somehow thought first name Corey …

Tks Depop

I used to think he was cool as well, but then there was an accident involving a young kid with serious burns, and the flame just left the kid, didn't stick around to help. Kid suffered 3rd degree burns. As far as I'm concerned he should never be allowed at the game again.

Here's what happened from someone over on riderfans:

I am the fan who took the kid into the Rider locker room. I saw the entire thing and here is what happened :

-the kid and the Flame were walking towards me and my friend, who was in a wheelchair, I was the wheelchair attendant

-the box that they were carrying with the powder and such in it exploded out of nowhere

-Monteith ran away - and I mean ran away, he had no concern for the boy

-I grabbed the kid and looked around, my first thought was there'll be a doctor in the Rider locker room so I took him in there and handed him over.

-I then hung out with a few of the Riders who were congratulating me for taking the kid in there, then I left.

For riders89ers who is a friend of his please say hi to him for me. I thought about going to visit him in the hospital but decided against it and have always kicked myself for not doing so. I sincerely would appreciate it if you would say hi for me. Hows he doing these days?

for Riderz - you're right that Monteith did not walk away, he ran, literally ran away - everytime I used to see him around town I would confront him about it and he always ran away from me. He's a dork and when I saw him in Montreal at the Grey Cup last year sitting at the table beside me I almost went up to him to call him a coward again but decided not to.

I've met him at a couple Grey Cups. The guy is a creep. Not surprised by the above description of the accident. He can stay away.

Done then