Bring back the Fear!!

This trade blew me away. DJ was one of Box EH's favorites and we will miss him. DJ is a class act. Wayne was a very good lineman who worked hard and I thought would be a face on the line for many years. But the guard has changed and all good things must come to an end.

With what seems a new locker room and a lot of new faces who may not understand what this franchise used to stand for listen up. The team you have witnessed on the field for the past 6 long years is not the same types of teams that were built in the glory years. The teams that saw such players as Coffey, Covington, Barrow, Mosca, Zambiasi, Dipietro, Gabriel, Henley, Winfield, Faloney just to rattle off a few. These players came to play each and every game. The brought heart, determination, and excitement to the team and its fans. They instilled fear into opposing offenses. Worry into defenses and help to create the phrase Steeltown tough. These guys bled BLACK AND GOLD.

My proposal to the management and the coaching staff. For the first game of the season. Bring these players in. Let them give the pregame speech. Show highlights before the game of these guys getting the job done. Let them tell the new guys what it means to be a Tiger Cat; what it means to bleed Black and Gold.

I think this is very important in bringing back the pride and respect that this franchise once had. Let the past help push us forward.


Looking forward to another season.

Box EH HAtboy

Don't know about the fear of playing there, but after the recent moves, I'm afraid to go there this season. Very afraid. :wink:

RESPECT AND FEAR! The steam coming off Cummins head always is in my mind! the Respect we forced anybody to endure when they stepped into Ivor Wynne Stadium!98 and 99 you didnt have to speak up and remind the team how to win they did it! Ask hitchcok he was there!The funny thing he was a small part of a great team! Trust me I really beleive Taffee can bring respect back on our team!Sit back and enjoy!

I agree that Taaffe will bring a welcome change in the culture of the team on the field. In one word: accountability.

Now if they can kill the Motorhead-esque decibelage of the music and the canned fanned noise and let the fans actually MAKE NOISE, then the Old Civic might rock a lot more come 2007.

Oski Wee Wee,

The best way to bring back the fear would be to take the pads off the wall. Concrete wall = homefield advantage

Until one of our players hits the wall?

The best way to "bring back the fear" would be to go back to the old logo. I think more fans like it than the new one. In this thread alone, there are several different people with the old logo as their avatar.

i think the will have fear this year.
except we need to be better fans and cheer more.
we have been terrible these last 2 yers,
of course theres been nothing to cheer about,
but still...
everyone at the ticats can improve!

Oh... bring back the fear THE OPPOSING TEAM had playing at IWS. I get it now - I was gonna say that I didn't think the fear had ...never mind :wink:

I agree mr.Oski wee wee, kill the barage of metal music and the canned audience. Let the fans bring the noise