2. Colours and uniforms need to be Red, White and Black.

  3. Record book should be merged with Rough Riders and Renegades. Technically the Rough Rider fanchise was revoked and mothballed.

  4. The name should begin with the letter R.

  5. Honour the past teams and players.


I don't think anyone would disagree, but the league doesn't seem to have a consistant policy regarding team history.
For example, The Montreal francise offically folded and was replaced by the Concordes (who later called themselves the Allouettes in their last year of existance). The Baltimore Stallions move to Montreal after their GC victory and are called the Allouettes. They don't count the Stallions' GC win but can count all the past Montreal GC wins as well as all the team history and stats (and this includes the Concordes, though they were "officially" a different team).
The Hamilton Tiger-cats can only count the GC wins from 1950, the year of the official "merger" of the Tigers and Wildcats even though the Tigers absorbed other teams in the past (Alerts) and the only thing to change in the "merger" was the word "cats" tacked onto the end of the name (black and gold colours remain as well as the tiger image in logo).
The Renegades weren't allowed to use the RR team history or stats even though they were the sucessors to the Ottawa RR, so I doubt that the league would change it's stance and the new team wouldn't have any official claim to RR history. It seems that the league just looks at the name, if it's the same as the old team, even though it's a new (or relocated team, as with Montreal), then they consider it an extension of the old team. So, basically, since the team can't and won't be called the Rough Riders, they won't be able to claim the RR history, player stats, etc.
I think they should be able to, just as I think the Ti-cats should be able to count their GC wins as the Tigers.

I was thinking maybe the new owners should try to pull a fast one on the league and say that the new team WILL be the Ottawa Rought Riders, but are going to officially shorten the name to Roughies (or something along that line). They could argue the Montreal situation as a basis for being able to use the old RR history, etc.
Don't know if they would do it though.

I would also like to see the team make a former great player or coach, as example, Russ Jackson, Whit Tucker, Ron Stewart, George Brancato, Tony Gabriel, etc… as an ambassador for the team. The Montreal Canadiens have done this for years.

I Agree, George Reed Fills that role here in Regina. The man is a God here. The best part about him is that he is very approachable and will talk football with anyone while not pulling any punches. I’ve heard him rant a few times it’s pretty cool.

you can't count the tiger's grey cup wins and the wild cat's wins together, as they would have won some of those championships by beating eachother in the process.

if the habs and leafs merged, you can't say the new team won 36 championships, because some of those titles we're won playing eachother.

the stallions never beat the als to win a title or even played eachother 1 time. ( although, i'm glad they don't count that win for the als ).

When you mention the Montreal records, don’t forget that the Maroons and the Canadiens merged back in the 1930’s.
When they talk about the history and Grey Cups in Hamilton going back a hundred years or so it’s not about the Tiger Cats but football in “Hamilton”. Look at the records and it will say “Hamilton” either the Tiger Cats, Wild Cats or Tigers.

I couldn't agree more-the team name has to be ROUGH RIDERS (2 words, like before). Just like Winnipeg brought back the Jets (if they ever play again). I speak as an Argo fan who saw Russ Jackson break our hearts on more than one occasion. Another word of advice-if you're thinking of head coaches leave Jackson off your list-he proved to us Argo fans that, as a head coach, he was a great quarterback!

I am a roughrider fan and I say :thdn: to the Saskatchewan front office for blocking 120 years of history

I'm still sticking to what I've been saying since the Rough Rider and Renegade days. If the name is Redblacks...."BRING BACK THE BIG WHITE R". Go Redders go.

How do you bring back the big with R when the name of the team is the Redblacks ??? Probably end up being a Red R on Black helmet.

What difference does it make. They are going to be called the Redblacks but the team colours are going to be Red, White and Black. Hunt has been quoted.

They might have a new logo on the helmet though.

I never got the sense that the white R would appear in anything more than just throwback games.

If the name's Red Blacks, how about a white helmet with a big red R on one side and a big black B on the other side in the same style as the Rough Rider helmet. Throw some red and black stripes on it and there you go, retro and new.

That would work.

actually, doesnt really matter to the rest of canada what the ottawa football team is called, we will just call them Ottawa Sucks whenever they come to town :wink:

:lol: That is yet to be seen :lol: :wink:

I mentioned this on another post, but since Ottawa had to abandon the name "Rough Riders", does the emergence of the "Red Blacks" mean that Calgary has to get rid of their black helmets and go back to their "real" colours of red and white...period?

...and if not, why not?

Calgary should get rid of those..... just because they're hideous!