Bring back the 70s uniforms permanently!

Man those look great. They remind me of when I was 3 years old and started cheering for the Alouettes. That iconic triangle logo looks so much better than that cartoonish bird that I was never really able to get used to. The silver helmets don't help much either because they make us look like the New England Patriots except we seem to be mostly red. The predominantly royal blue looks amazing with the accents of red and white. I haven't seen the Alouettes look this good in decades! Bring those uniforms back so the Alouettes look like the Alouettes again instead of the former Baltimore Stallions! Watching the game highlights, it really stuns me just how great the Alouettes looked in those uniforms. They look like a serious football team with the most awesome uniforms in all of football!

I'm kind of torn. I like the old color scheme and pattern but prefer the new logo. That combination would be great! :thup:

I am with Avro Arrow…this is the nicest uniform by a mile. The colours appear to me as much brighter…and I never liked the angry-bird logo. I would be in favor of switching back to the 80’s uniform permanently.

If they cannot be brought back permanently, hopefully they will be used for the occasional game at Percival Molson in lieu of the other alternate jerseys.

Nah, that cartoony bird makes them look like an amateur team. This is supposed to be a pro league. That's why cryptic logos are better like the S for the Western Riders, the EE for the Eskies, the silhouette for the stamps, the roaring mountain lion out of the BC for BC, the W for the Bombers and the A for the Argos. I liked the R for the Eastern Riders but that cartoony bird makes the Als look like a kid's team in a pro league. As happy as I was when the Alouettes came back into existence, I hate that bird. That A is pretty cool but when you look closely at the old triangle logo, there's more to it than meets the eye.

The whole logo is a bird's head with the M and A pretty obvious but the arrangement signifies the city of Montreal at the base of Mount-Royal and the little white diamond in the middle symbolises "Alouette", the first satellite Canada put into orbit. That logo shows imagination, tradition, pride and respect. The new logo just can't touch it. In football, the minimalist logos are the best. One only needs to look at the NFL to see that. Get the cartoons out of the CFL!

There's no reason that they can't. The BC Lions brought back their dreadful old white helmets and orange jerseys even though the grey helmets and black jerseys looked much better. I can't imagine why a team wouldn't switch back to the best uniforms they ever had. We just gotta keep on hoping brother!


The only thing I don't like about the old uni is the hockey style socks. Those can go back where they came from :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn't even notice the socks, but hey, I'll take any uni over those terrible black third jerseys we seem to bust out at least once per season. :wink:

Agreed - the 1970's throwbacks (especially with the grey facemasks) worn last Friday are so much better than what the Als wear now and should be brought back full time. They are also linked with the Als great successes in the 1970's (2 Grey Cup wins and 5 Grey Cup appearances in them, 50,000+ crowds regularly).The Riders 70's retro looked awesome too - also better than what they wear now.

The Als particularly should re-adopt the old triangle logo, it truly is far superior to the cartoon logo they have now. The "M" on the bottom represents both the city of Montreal and the Alouettes at the foot of Mount Royal (the "A") where they play. I read about the diamond shaped Alouette satellite reference somewhere else too and like it. I don't think the overall logo is supposed to be a bird's head though, as the "M" is meant to be the flying Alouette. The great thing about it though is people see meaning in this cryptic design - and it is a very attractive professional logo, not a cartoon joke.

I guess I'm on my own for this one. :lol:

Yep, looks like it! LOL :rockin:

The socks look ok, better when they are pulled up a little (as some players had) vs. covering the mid-lower calf. They could maybe shrink the stripe sizes a bit, or make them closer together and nearer the top of the sock.

Als should adopt the old triangle logo minimum as a secondary permanent logo like the Riders have with their (S) 70's logo. Even better would be to rid of the present cartoon logo and adopt the 1970's uniform and triangle logo permanently and full time. The team is so popular now it's time they looked professional again like they did 1975-81 and not amateurish with that cartoon logo.

I agree. There's nothing worse than a cartoon logo on a professional football team. Football is supposed to be a serious and hard-edged sport, not a funny one, especially at the pro level.

The great thing about it though is people see meaning in this cryptic design - and it is a very attractive professional logo, not a cartoon joke.
Always wondered about the Alouettes name. There is no shortage of animals in the football pantheon of names. But generally those animals are fearsome, frightening creatures, who'll maul and maim if you stray into their territory.

Now I'm not sure how territorial the Alouette (or skylark) might be, but this is what "wiki" has to say:

"Alouette" is a popular French Canadian[1] children's song about plucking the feathers off a skylark, a small bird. It originated with the French Canadian fur trade.[citation needed] Although it is in French, it is well-known among speakers of other languages."

"French colonists ate skylarks, which they considered a game bird. The song was first published in A Pocket Song Book for the Use of Students and Graduates of McGill College (Montreal, 1879)"

Two things come to mind: Football is a violent sport. The only violence in the song itself is about an Alouette getting plucked and eaten. Maybe it's our version of that Johnny Cash song, "My name is Sue,how do you do. Now you gonna DIE!"
Or maybe the teams name came from , "Book for the Use of Students and Graduates of McGill College."

Personally, I'd guess it was some anglophone's attempt to find something in french-canadian culture that BOTH English and French can easily identify with.

In any case, a small plucked bird is hardly intimidating. A cartoon of a plucked bird much less so.

Bring back the old uniforms and logo...vite faite!!!

The team was named for the song "Alouette" in 1946 (specifically the Skylark species of Lark in the French song) but it is no worse a name than Cardinals for a football team. Both are small birds, but impressive in being attractive or majestic. Buick even named a successful line of cars "Skylark" for a long time. The animal doesn't have to be fierce to impress as a football symbol, and an Alouette/Skylark certainly is an attractive animal image and name. Colts and Cardinals football teams have been around for a long time and they are hardly fearsome or frightening.

It is ridiculous and childlike to try and make the bird look fierce in a cartoon logo though. The Cardinals (and Blue Jays) are more successful in creating a fiercer bird for their logos, as they don't look so cartoonish. Just bring back the triangle logo, it has a great history and is very attractive and professional looking with appropriate symbolism and colours for Montreal.

Personally I prefer the winged helmets from the late 50s ~ early 60s. . .

Oh god, i despise those. They look like they can't tell if they're the Phildelphia Eagles or the St. Louis Cardinals. Those wings are deformed too. I can't tell if they're wings or the arms of a red chipmunk with misshapen paws.


Both are small birds, but impressive in being attractive or majestic.
Um...not really While he Cardinal (male) has "remarkable plumage" wiki describes Alouettes as, "a rather dull-looking species on the ground, being mainly brown above and paler below." "known throughout its range for the song of the male" "The male has broader wings than the female. This adaptation for more efficient hovering flight may have evolved because of female Skylarks' preference for males that sing and hover for longer periods and so demonstrate that they are likely to have [i]good overall fitness[/i]." (Italics added to emphasize the only attribute this bird might have to suit it as a football icon)

No, I'm pretty sure the name was chosen because at the time, the song was one of the few things the rest of the world knew about french-canadians. Thank God Prime Minister Poutine changed all that.

It's the look of the head of an Alouette that is attractive with its horn-like feathers, much as it is the head of the Cardinal that looks impressive. As well the image and name "Skylark" was deemed attractive enough for Buick to name a line of cars after it, which sold quite well for 50 years.

"That mark our place and in the sky, the LARKS still bravely singing fly, scarce heard amid the guns below."

Perhaps the Lark has a specific significance to us Canadians. :smiley: