Bring Back Sunday Football

I miss CFL football on Sunday afternoons (after Labour day of course) ... both in the stands and on TV. Friday night works, with TSN's Friday Night Football already a tradition. But Saturday games ... no thanks. Especially at night going up against Hockey Night In Canada. I know some feel CFL can't compete against NFL on Sunday ... but TV ratings for this year's Sunday games don't back that up. Besides, there's already football fans watching NFL football. Bring it back!

Yeah, I wish I could watch some good CANADIAN football today, I'm bored. And I don't feel like watching the NFL. (every little bit counts in the ratings ... although I may be taking that to an extreme :wink:)

No reason to have 3 games on Saturday and none on Sunday!

Yeah 3 on one day is too much, although i dont mind watching the NFL

Agree, the CFL should always show a game on Sunday after the labour day wknd, it's a great Canadian pastime on a sunday afternoon. The only thing I would like better is a Sunday night tilt, attention CBC this will bring through the roof ratings..n TSN will be licken your boots, for some of that action..

I thought another reason sunday football was canned was cause in Hamilton, Toronto and the 'Couve the fans were going to see the respective border town NFL teams play, rather than go see their sunday CFL match live. Is this still the case?

Just don't give the Lions any Sunday afternoon HOME games. Practically killed us the last time we did it in the 1990's!

In Vancouver, a few people may go to a Seahawks game but the hurt was because Sunday games are invariably afternoon games and people in Vancouver don’t go to indoor stadiums on nice fall afternoons.

I like having all 3 games on Sat, then on Sunday, I am free to spend the day doing things with my kids.

Fair enough! Im 16, and thankfully dont have any kids…

i vote for the sunday games as well. if i had my way it would be one game per day fri to sunday with the 4th game placed anywhere from thurs to sunday (i know everyone hates thursday games cause of the short weeks it causes but an extra day to watch the cfl is great if you ask me. and i have an easier time watching all the games if it is one game per night rather than spending 9 hours watching the tube in one day.

Why on earth would you WANT to go head to head with the NFL? Even if 15 people choose to watch the NFL over the CFL .. You are losing viewers, not gaining them.


and how many viewers do you lose by having 9 hours of football in the same day. far more than the 15 that waste their day watching nfl.

I don't want Sunday games, because my son plays community football which is played on Sundays, I'd never see a Sunday game.

As it is, I sent an email to the VMFL yesterday about the idiocy of them scheduling their playoffs on Sundays in November...including Grey Cup Sunday. Bunch of freaking retards!! Having their playoffs go up against CFL playoffs is so stupid it blows my mind.

now that is stupid. even for the league itself. do you not want your players excited ab out the cfl. fills those kids with dreams and aspirations and motivates them to work harder towards being the best players they can be. plus it helps them understand the game better saving the coaches the work. any organization that books anything on sunday afternoons in November other than a football party should be charged with treason.