Bring back SUDSY

My opinion is based on his Defensive master mind. Also Bring back Montford cause obviously theres no leadership on D and our D is horrible.

Sudsy and PaoPao would make a deadly combo.

I dont care about Montford's age., cheat & cotton have nothing on Joe. Joe's still good for 1-2 years of 10+ sacks.

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I'm all for bringing back Sudsy to fix this MESS on defence. Still can't believe this football team retained Kavis Reed and Jerome Erdman after the crap we watched last year. Those decisions may come back to cost Marshall his job.

Suds - maybe. Joe - nope.

I agree ,Kavsi Reds creditials ZERO and it shows ,our defensive line sacks ZERO and it shows ,our blitzes success ZERO and embarrassing to watch,our Dbs coverage
Zero and nowhere to be found usually we see them chasing the other teams recievers into our endzone.That was a great hire by Greg Marshall for our defensive coordinator and his loyalty is paying off with the worst defense for how many years in a row ?

I'd like to point out that the only DB to really get burned is Martin... having said that, it's Reed's fault that he's on the field.

Bring back The Suds.

8) I agree 100% !! Both Kavis Reed and Jerome Erdman are completely out of their league in their respective jobs here !!! It is just pathetic, and for retaining them, Greg Marshall deserves to be fired at the same time !!!! It is only a matter of time now !!!! Sudsy ??? Sure !!!! He has forgotten more than Kavis Reed will ever learn about coaching defences !!!!! Bring him back !!!!

No energy, no effect!Reed has just brought a none caring line of player who just dont care!Reed has to go!

ooooh look the lynch mob is out already! LOL

Our db's look totally confused game in and game out. I've never seen so many receivers wide open.....and not just this year.

Here's my long do you think Chris Martin and Wayne Shaw would last if they were playing for Don Matthews? For some reason we seem to be loyal to players even if they can't do the job. Shaw always arrives to the ball too late, if he gets there at all. He should be helping out sideline to sideline. And he isn't physical enough on a consistant bases. Receivers certainly aren't worried about getting smacked when they run into his area.

Martin is getting torched out there and teams are certainly picking on him.

I'm sure Mike McCarthy and the scouting network can find us some decent db's. The other teams seem to have no problem finding replacments when there're weak in the secondary. :cowboy:

Ron dosnt like Sudsy end of story.

He liked him enough to have him at training camp.

Bring him back. At his age, he might only be a band-aid...but when you're bleeding as bad as we gotta try to stop it before you bleed out.

You guys have to look at the game again and see the times we had them stopped on second down and after a stupip stupid penalty , Montreal got a first down and made us pay . If we reduce the stupid penaltys to zero we win that game !!!!

Bring back Don "Sudsy" Sutherin, I don't care if Ron Lancaster does not like him, fire Ron Lancaster, Marshall and Reed and give Sudsy the Defensive Co-Ordinators job, Give Joe the head coach job and bring in Matt Dunigan or Tom Clements as the new offensive co-ordinator or even John Jenkins this team needs the change now before it's too late!!!!!!

I can no longer take seriously a single thing that you post. :roll:

I was With you.
till You Said Bring Bring in "John (Why Run the Ball) Jenkins