Bring Back Stokes

i honestly think we should trade for stokes not for returning kicks but to catch the "F"in ball i kno he fumbles lots but we need someone to catch and stokes can and potentially make a big play off those screen passes for instance. we should go after someone at least we should trade thurmon and Brazzel to the argos for Palmer & Stokes becuz this is "F"in killing us becuase instead of 2nd and short we have retards not catching the ball and making it 2nd and long and that tires out our defence and then they can't make plays and if we get a few 1st downs it gives the defence a reason to keep playin like c'mon those guys need to wake up..

Too many fumbles.

i still cheering that he is gone. and do not want to see him back in wpg unless he's fumbling for the opposition.

...Keith hasn't shown me anything in TO.....that would warrant his return....i.m afraid i have to agree with blackdale... :roll: :?

Y the hell do you wants stokes. He wanted mopre then he deserved and proved he can't run to the opposing endzone. He cus back 8 times and then gets hit 10 yards back more often the running dead ahead for 10 yards. He is worthless for the bombers

We really don't have to bring back Stokes, even with his fumbles he was a great player for our Bombers, seems like fumbling makes peaple forget that he was a decent reciever for us. We need to bring back his roll he had last year n give it to Flight 87...this will help the offence..