Bring back Quinton Porter!

Mr. Popp,

If your coaches can't protect Anthony Calvillo, then you'd better bring back Quinton Porter, because it's only a matter of time before AC goes down to serious injury.

If the playbook is clunky, the receivers covered and the oline porous, your last chance is to have a proven guy out there, rather than a rookie.

And frankly, QP is exciting to watch, which is more than I can say about the yawner your offense laid on us last Thursday : The Habs score more goals than your team managed points through 3 quarters. C'mon man, what do you have to lose?

Maybe Kyle Quinlan had a premonition !

There is a reason he was not resigned by the Ti-cats, released by the Als and has not found a home yet. He lacks touch, has very little arc on his deep balls and does not deal well with the blitz. Adrian McPherson has similar constraints as a quarterback.

If we are to hope that someone is brought back, I would vote for a coach familiar with the WC offense. That is what we are best suited for as an offense personnel wise. If the coaches do not realize this soon, I am confident they will be replaced.

Jim is off to see his family (well deserved break) but while he is asking for a little patience, he clearly expects his coaching staff to figure themselves out and quickly.

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The good news is calgary is not as invincible as many thought. I hope Miller and Hawkins were watching George Cortez's offence pick apart the stamps' D and took a few notes.

Who cares? If your HOF QB is held to 70 yards for over 3 quarters, your game plan is useless anyway. Throw a sandlot QB like Porter in there and let him run around. He'll generate more than what you were getting anyway. Not suggesting we give up on the young guys but Porter could have changed the complexion of the game.

It was tough seeing Miller walking over to Calvillo and seeing Calvillo sitting on his bench tuning him out. I don't know how you mend that.

You think Quinton Porter can fix this gong show of a playbook and offense? No way. He might score a TD or two to make things look respectable, but that would just mask / delay the housecleaning that HAS to take place if we're to salvage this season. Miller and Verducci have got to go. The sooner that happens, the better.

Nope can't fix it but better than seeing AC turned into a piñata in the fourth quarter.

Reinebold was a failure last year, yet he was around until the bitter end. So I'm not sure these guys are going anywhere.

Hawkins has a 3 year contract and Miller 2. Would take a four to five game losing streak just to dump Miller.

As I said in the other thread, if Miller is dumb enough to be able to ruin an elite offense, cut Porter in the first place, and refuse to play Neiswander in the last game, why would he suddenly get smart now? Like, I get what you guys are saying, but it's premised on the assumption that we have a competent OC who knows how to use Porter or Calvillo or the O-line or the receivers to the best of their abilities. And my contention: we don't have that OC. We have a guy who has no idea, zero, of how to run a three-down offense. That's abundantly clear. The pre-snap motion is a joke, the routes are vanilla, the field isn't being stretched horizontally or vertically, and the O-line coach has taken an all-star O-line and turned them into a glorified turnstile. If the coaches aren't up to scratch, no backup QB, no matter how much of a gamer he is, will salvage the situation. Porter might not have played even if we had retained him, that's how out to lunch the OC is.

On that topic, changing the complexion of the game, this was the prime opportunity for Hawkins to do so. But he left AC for the entire game. I was hoping to see him put either Nieswander or Marsh in at some point in the 4th. A little mobility try and throw off the Bombers D.

I recall on a thread earlier before TC when Hawkins and his staff were announced how some were saying they had complete faith in Popp's decision and in the coaching staff without the team even having played a down in the CFL.
I said at that time and will continue to say, Hawkins and his staff should be evaluated as much as the players. They have not proven a thing yet and until they do so, they will not get a pass from me.
Had the Bombers not given the Als the quick 14 points in the first regular season game, the Als could easily be sitting with an 0-2 record.
Add the two pre season games into the mix, the coaching staff have had 4 games to see how a CFL game is played. And as we witnessed, last game was horrendous.
Many were criticizing AC for the poor showing but the entire offense and coaching staff had a hand in this pathetic performance.
And now the Als will be playing the Stamps back to back and have yet to play the Argos, Lions or Riders.
Hopefully Hawkins and his staff have been burning the midnight candle watching game film and putting together a far better game plan or it is going to be one long season.

Hold on though, AC surely has input into the offense and the playlist for each game.
You can't blame the HC and OC only, as execution is the QB's responsibility.

Absolutely and a lot of his throws were off mostly because he was rushed or perceived to be rushed... but we have no experience backup to pull him...

If I am correct Porter was more of a Popp signing. Hawkins gave him a look at camp and probably has his own QBs in mind that he wants to bring in. I would venture to guess that Tanner Marsh was a Hawkins request and the most available prospect that Hawkins has in mind at the moment.
Of course none of us have heard of Marsh but Hawkins being an NCAA analyst gave him a lot of scouting reports and Marsh is a QB that the Dallas Cowboys were interested in as a low round off the chart pick. So although never heard of was and is on the pro football radar. Hawkins inherited neiswander who at least knows the Montreal personal with most of the offensive skill position players are back.
Popp has been just fine with carrying up to 5 QBs at a time and so far the Als have just three.
I would bet that Hawkins is waiting to see what QBs become available after OTA'sor if he sees some one in the Arena League who is recently out of the NCAA that has slipped through the cracks or a possible older player who may have played during his coaching time in the NCAA. Or maybe a QB like Erik Meyer who plays for spokane but played for Eastern Wahington while Hawkins was at nearby Boise St. Meyer was the Walter Payton winner the heisman of IAA and wa succedded at eatert washington by Matt Nichols and then Bo Levi Mithcell.
Just guessing here but you see how excited he was about Devine and how he put him right to use where Trestman could not even get him into a game

That's an unhelpful way to look at it. Execution is everyone's problem, not just the QB's. If Calvillo is given a terrible play in a given situation, how is the offense supposed to execute it properly? If Verducci's blocking schemes are garbage, that will affect the line's ability to execute.

Do we know that for sure re Calvillo having input?
He does not call his own plays during the game.

And as D/P says, execution is everyone's responsibility including the coaching staff. They design the plays, they are suppose to be looking at game film to come up with a game plan and hopefully able to adjust during the game if that plan is not working.
O line have a job to do as do the receivers and rb's. Hard to say execution is only the QB !

I would tend to believe there are better solutions to be thought of than ''throwing a sandlot QB like Porter in there and letting him run around''. And I'm not sure Calvillo would have taken lightly to being pulled either no matter how awful the offense was.

There was no doubt AC and for whatever reason had a poor game as his throw lacked crispness and were well off the mark for the better part of the game.