im just joking but fire the offensive coach! hes not doing any good! we should have got chapdelaine before edmonton did. Chapdelaine for OC and Jeff Tedford for HC

Why not put the defensive co-ordinator in charge of the offense and vice versa

Marcel made a HUGE mistake in hiring Charlie Taffee Ive said it all along. Chapdelaine IMO should have been the headcoach of this team.

maybe Danny Barret is available for OC…or maybe Dunnigan…hmmmm?
btw…who is our O.C.???

Thats exactly who I wanted. My dream coaching staff would have been…

HC- Jacques Chapdelaine
OC- Danny Barret
I had no one in mind for DC Or ST

8) Bring back Paopao you say !!! Yes I agree, but as a QB !!! He wouldn't be any worse than what we already have here, heck maybe even an improvement even at his age !!!!!!! :wink:

The bigger mistake was hiring Popp's puppet Marcel.

Hell yeah!

He is in way over his head.

i know tedford is known as an offensive genius at cal,but he may still be better at qb than what we have.

You know things are terrible when fans are talking about bringing Barrett in lol.

yep..the guy they shoulda brought in was tillman.

I think Charlie Taaffe is a quality coach and not just some fool. I think the offensive line is not good at this point of the season. We could have Payton Manning at QB and not have success. I know everyone wants to blame someone but if you dont have the talent to protect your QB, you're not going to win.

we protect our qb...well one of them