Bring back Ozzy for 1 more game

It is kind of late for it to happen this season for sure.

I was just looking through the statistics on the CFL page and Ozzy is 7 points from being the CFLs 2nd All Time leading scorer.

Ozzy is loved in these parts and with Setta hurting a little bit, it would be a nice gesture to have Ozzy come back and move in to the #2 all time scoring slot.
I know it is unlikely to happen, but if Setta was too hurt for the final game (and in the midst of this lost season) it would be great to see Ozzy kick again....nothing over 35 yards mind you, but I am sure that he could still do it no problem.

Ozzy is not going to be any better than the back-up kickers we have been testing with for the last couple of weeks.

Have you seen him lately .... he would provide more help on either the Offensive or Defensive Line.

sign him up

Does 2nd or 3rd on the all-time scoring list really matter? This might be a decent idea if it would put him into first. But even that's a major stretch. He's been retired for how many years now? And do you remember how he went out? Years of kicking had made his body all wonky and his kicking was atrocious. He played that final pre-season game and it was rough to watch him struggle.

I don't want to see anyone force stats. Ozzy had a great career and he's greatest Ticat kicker ever. He doesn't need to accomplish anything else in my opinion. He's also one of the more beloved Ticats and I'm sure anytime he comes back to the stadium the Ticat faithful will burst into a chorus of "Ozzy! Ozzy!"

What is with this city's love for Ozzy?!? He was an unreliable kicker who made a few crucial kicks for us at the end of games. If you look back at the tapes, he probably missed a few earlier kicks which made him kick with no time left for a win.

I loved Ozzy when he was here BUT he is really not that great of a kicker. He's barely a 70% kicker. Nick is 78 this year and we are saying he had a bad year. First, he hasn't had as many opportunities this year cuz we have been putting up touchdowns.

Ozzy is retired and never coming back. There is always going to be someone passing someone in the record books. Record were made to be broken.