Bring back OT Dave Hack and WR Tahlil Hill!

Ok everyone is stating we have an offensive problem so why not bring back Dave Hack. We got rid of him for Travis Claridge and i mean Dave Hack was a solid tackle.

Jonta Woodard and Dave Hack as the Tackles
Ryan Donnelly and Wayne Smith as Guards
George Hudson as the Centre

Put in Tahlil Hill and D.J Flick as wide recevers
Terry Vaughn and Corey Holmes as slotbacks
Josh Ranek as the running back
Julian Radlein as the Fullback

tahlil hill?

i meant kahlil Hill..

then, yes bring him back....made the ticats game watchable, atleast.
him and lumsden.

if lumsden comes back, i will buy a ticats jersey nomatter how bad thier record is.

Hill is awol, he is under contract to us but no one can find him. He's probably hiding out in north korea or something.

Hope Lumsden is not back and makes the Redskins. As far as Hill goes, don't expect one player to be a savior, but it would be nice to see him provide some excitement downfield if Maas can get him the ball.

i said bring back hack like 2days ago good someone agrees with me and hill was supposed to come back to hamilton last week but i unno what happened

I was listening to the 5th quarter after the game on Saturday night and the Micheals guy reported that Kahlil Hill will be in Hamilton this week.

Dave Hack had lost a few steps when he was asked to go on injured reserve! Can you imagine what shape he would be in after 1 year of no playing? I don't think so! :thdn:

Kalil Hill has been a no-show because he didn't want to play here! Maybe he will show up now! I would love to see him back! Yes! :thup:

Hack had lost it. Clariage proved that with his play, RIP. He would have be a Hall/Wall of Famer if he didn't die.

Hack may be a good o-line coach/ player but not a consistent starter.

Dave is still in game shape. As a person who knows the Canadian game very well and as one who has always been a true student of the game I think he would make an outstanding o-line coach. He would definitely be someone the TiCats should talk to about this opening.