Bring back more challenges

Week one and the officiating is as brutal as ever.

Each team needs more challenges.

Facts are facts and the CFL has part time wannabes as officials they are all thinned skinned and give the impression that they believe people are at the games to watch them embarrass the players and fans.

The command centre was a joke last year. Forcing the calls to remain so that you can bolster statistics was ridiculous.

Not impressed with Randy Ambrosia. Bring back 2 challenges per half

no it wasn't

Fudge the challenges!

The games are running smoothly without a long interruption every 4 minutes. It feels like CFL football again.

Nice trolling first post.

The flow of the game was great .

I noticed a quicker pace that really resonated watching at home . It was clear that were tweaks over the seasonal break and it showed in production .

The players need to improve with some of the penalties unnecessary like offsides and illegal blocks .

I can see some fans upset if a PI did not go there way but the officiating was good this week . The odd tick tack call in the Ham - Calgary game but not bad over all as Suitor said maybe let the players play a little more but I thought the officiating was on par with big brother NFL or above it in week 1 .

My only itch to scratch was attendance was low and all 4 were played in the west where many not including BC want the season moved up even more . Leave it where it is now or maybe one week earlier at the most .

Home openers should have had a greater appeal with bums in the seats .

Hope to hear they are giving Winnipeg fans a little good will after the storm ruined that game for most of the fans .

That always seems to happen for the first 2 or 3 games. IMO, it's a byproduct of a short training camp and preseason.

Agree FYB. And please don't bring back more challenges, never! You can tell the flow of the games are better.

The last thing we need is to have a coach challenge for illegal contact on a player who wasn't involved in the play... that is the change that seems to give more flow to the game... if the refs see it they will call it, but to delay the game for a BS challenge like that is what most fans grew to despise.

But with more challenges, perhaps Jones could have challenged for OPI on the play where Brescacin pushed Leonard away. But with only one challenge, he couldn't afford to waste it. And then he ended up wasting it a bit later on a borderline call, meaning he couldn't challenge later in the game if he needed to.

One isn't enough. And now that they've removed the illegal contact challenge, there wouldn't be the same issue with fishing calls.

After watching NFL for years I enjoyed the faster pace of the CFL games. Much more entertaining to watch. I also liked the quick commercial format used by ESPN. Keeps the viewer engaged.

I have to question whether the defence should be able to review an interference call. Refs use make-up calls to even things out anyway. Save the challenges for game changing plays.

Great to hear . Let ESPN know Motown . They need that viewer engagement and feedback to get more games on ESPN .

Football officials do NOT use "make up" calls. Ever.

Hockey officials not so much.