Bring Back Mike McCarthy!

I know he is doing some work for MTL right now but we need to bring him back.

He is the guy who found us Zeke and Nick. He has a ton of connections in the NFL when he worked with the Chargers.

We have seen nothing out of Rambo. We hear that we are going to sign a whole bunch of NFL cuts. We signed Coker and have already released him without playing a game and we signed 2 other stiffs.


Who's with me?

Bring Him Back asap! He is the best talent finder the team has ever had.

I'm with you too

bring back Mike

I agree…we could sure use him.
But isn’t he already back…in Hamilton that is? I thought he was selling cars? What a waste.

He is a scout/consultant for the Montreal Alouettes.

Cue the 'look what he has done in Montreal' crowd.

On the other hand, maybe all Montreal's success
is more of a result of Joe Pao Pao's consulting.

Why don't we bring him back, too?

Yes Mike sells used cars for DeWildt Chrysler at the traffic circle and last that I spoke to him approx. 2 months ago he was scouting and consulting for the Als.

He is a full time scout for the Als now I beleive. Als usualy have two full time scouts under Popp

Jim Popp VP, GM, Director of Football Operations and Player Personnel
Marcel Desjardins Assistant General Manager
Joey Abrams Football Operations Assistant/Scout
Chantal Covington Executive Assistant to the GM
Al Ford Scout
Mike McCarthy Scout
Uzooma Okeke Football Operations Assistant/Scout
Joe Paopao Football Operations Consultant

Yet another example of the Tiger Cat braintrust refusing to recognize Mike’s talent for finding great CFL candidates. I believe he was let go becuase he was a threat to Scott Mitcheel doesn’t know how to arrange a two car parade. If you remember Mike’s name was bounced around before Obie was hired. So I am sure you can understand it is not wise to keep people around who have more football - talent finding skills that the team President. When it was announced Mike would not be back - this team took another one of it’s famous one step forward and four steps backwards.

I saw Mike walking up to the both in Section 25 before our first home game with Montreal. Looks like he and Popp have found some very fine talent. …

Great idea! Let's bring back Jerome Erdman, Dennis McPhee, Jamie Baressi, Ed O'Neil and Greg Marshall too! I'm sure they all learned a lot from their trillion mistakes in black and gold!

8) All joking aside, I would take Mike any day over Dan Rambo as our Director of Player Personnel !!!

At least he lived in Hamilton. Rambo sits in a home office in Ottawa, how professional is that? How much synergy and team dynamics can there be? How accountable can someone be when they work out of their house ! They just aren't working hard enough. They'll never catch up to other teams the way they are going.

8) It's called , being part of the "old boys club" !!!!!

Mike should have been handed the position from Day One.

It's remarkably insulting that someone like Rob Katz was ever chosen over Mike.

I think it was Obie's decision to bring back Rambo over Mike M.
I know Mike has black and gold in his veins.
Rambo is waiting for Ottawa to get another franchise.

Maybe he is holding back on all his great finds to add to his Ottawa team.

I think one of the problems with the CFL is that they recycle too much. What I mean is that coaches and managers are recycled from one team to another across the league because of the so called “experience” factor.
This league needs new blood in terms of coaches and GM’s or it starts to look rather old and used.
Montreal did it this year with their head coach with no CFL experience and he has done a good job so far.
Is it a problem of non interest by the coaching community across the nation or is it because the league is nothing more than an old boys club that always do things the same and refuse to change? I don’t know.

If he was as good as he says, and people think, why is he selling used cars? You would think he would have a full-time, prestigious job with a team in some league, somewhere. Obviously he did something, somewhere to upset the apple cart.

One: There is nothing wrong with selling cars

Two: He dosen't have to.

The problem with finding a bright young coach and bringing him to the CFL is if they are that bright they will bolt for more dollars south of the boarder.
If they do not adapt well to the CFL rules, than you are in for a long season.

Going back a while but Mike Riley was such a coach, and now he is the head coach with Oregan State making $1,000,000 plus a season.

The upside of the recycled guy is that they know the CFL game well, and are probably happy staying and coaching in this league.

Didn't say there anything wrong with selling cars, we actually deal with that very car lot for maintenance on a vehicle. My question was why he isn't in the football world full time. If you have ever met Mike you know is rough around the edges and I am sure that he has Pi$$ed somebody off. Maybe he didn't have the contacts anymore or just wasn't getting it done anymore.