Bring back Mike Kelly!!!

Miss his flying-off-the-handle comments!

Non-issue. Handled internally. Not talking about it. LOL!

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You want him then you can take him but you should know that comments like that are the quickest way to be added to people's foes list or to being banned in this section.

I don't care about the "people's foe" list feature. Skins cannot be this thin.

Now about the part of being ... banned??? On what grounds? There's nothing wrong with my comments about Mike Kelly. It was entertaining enough to be on Winnipeg radio. I don't have any disparaging remarks about Winnipeg in it either.

Bomber fans are just plain tired of Mike Kelly being brought up. He was the most polarizing person in the recent history of the Bombers and, generally speaking, we've had enough.

preach on blue blood. i could understand if this was just last year... but geesh this was 2 years ago now... we've moved on... he set our beloved blue bombers back a few years... we are now starting to recover... i think most/all true bomber fans would rather this persons name never be mentioned ever again. it's bad enough you have people like hustler and lawless having this guy on their blue bomber pre game show.... it's just quite simply time everyone moved on from this clown. the circus has left town. the guy is in the past.... why go back in the past when you can look forward to the future.... i dunno, if i had a delorian, i wouldnt travel back 2 years ago... oh no id travel forward about 50. i think it's time everyone moved on. i think 99.9 percent of people have tho.

What's this crap doing in here???

I'll leave it for now, but there better be some relevance or point to it.

...It;s just a rub pigseye....There are those who can't stand to see the BigBlue get off to a great start, so they have to come-up with inconsequential crap to throw around.... The poster has got to be a disillusioned fan of one of the also -rans of late.... :lol:

Delete the thing... :wink:

This was recently released on June 11, 2011 from

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To keep in the 'fair and balanced' philosophy like Fox News.... You don't have to agree with it, but I think it's important to respect human dignity. He's human, just like you and I.

the trolling lately is a little out of control.

...Yes Kelly is human EZ.....but also not a part of the organization anymore

Did he ever return the bin ?

He was a bad coach - not a garbage bin thief. Besides, I doubt he could have fit it in the back of his vehicle.

For those of you that did not listen to the RougeRadio link I provided, he was expunged of the legal problems.

The timing of 'just cause' becomes a problem. He was given the board of directors (Blue Bombers).

I wonder what he had in that bin ? Sure no playbook worth keeping :lol: Maybe it was a big collection of Tonka trucks.

Bombers paid him out.

Two years later he still can't get a CFL job as a position coach. He is the definition of "caustic". Instead of doing radio interviews he should move on. Maybe online poker would be a good fit. Can even do it from the
peg :thup:

Right, he agreed to a settlement so he doesn't have any legal recourse to challenge his firing. Besides the Bombers BoD said he was officially fired for reasons other than that legal problem and he would have a hard time proving otherwise. I think they would have fired him even if it hadn't happened.

Now, can we just let this drop. It's over and done with and frankly, we just don't give a damn anymore.