Bring Back Marshall

Ok, our team sucks. Let's be honest. Marshall finally got a shot and didn't have the players that can compete in this league. Coaching, outside of Doug Berry, was not the issue. Players playing to their capability has always been the problem. Perhaps they are playing as well as they can, and that isn't the main problem. This team simply doesn't have the talent the rest of the league does.

So.... let's all eat the bitter pill, and recognize the players signed by Saskatchewan simply are not good enough. The loss to BC was inexcusable. This latest comedy act... against Calgary, well... not certain how to describe it.

My solution? Get rid of everyone. GM, Coaches, Vice Presidents, and players. Start fresh. We had our chance at two grey cups. The opportunity to win the Grey Cup doesn't come often, let alone twice in a row. Our opportunity has past... time to start fresh.

Pissed off and very angry long time Sask Fan. Common sense? Not so common it would appear.

But this team, albeit with some turnover, has been to three of the last four Grey Cup games. . .

I think that is the issue, they haven't continued to improve. Look at Montreal, changes to the players yet still playing well. We are stuck in 2008 still. Our O and D must be the easiest to defend against in the league.

Durant is playing terrible and Wes Cates is done, has been for 2-3yrs, and they havn't filled his shoes! 2 & out will get you no where and create multiple opportunities for opposition, lose Cates and stop running running every first down till you get a capable back! It's not brain surgery to evaluate talent and see when there game is gone! Also, better start evaluating talent now, as your playoff chances are zero, mathematics aside! Ironic that when Sask. produces a good player they become great and bolt to NFL, and if they come back they never resign here! How many quarterbacks have we groomed for other CFL teams, today playing there's Burris, Glen, Jyles, Bell, Joseph, and Hamilton looks like a Rider farm team with all our former player's, yeesh! Taman personally doesn't impress me, I'd make a GM change this offseaon aswell! At least will have no talent going south this year:) Coach Miller stays, but i'd be playing Dinwiddie next week and see if he's a capable backup! Where are those 6 signings throw em in see if they've got game!

Actually what really stood out for me today was the atrocious arm tackling by the Riders' D. . . that was dreadful.

Chick & Baggs used to make our backs great and they were better than today's talent, a general depletion of talent across the board, how many times did our O line get beat? Sad all round effort, we don't even have time or skill to get ball to our best talent, ie, Dressler!

Don't bring back Marshall.

Being out scored 82 to 8, well changes are needed. It will be interesting to see what Hopson does. Funny how little you hear from him when the team is losing!

That's how it should be.

What good would it do for him to come out now and announce that he is not happy with the performance of the team?

What good did it do the Esks when Lelacheur did that?

There is no move that he can make right now to save the season. There is also no one likely available to take over until contracts expire at the end of the year.

He doesn't have to say anything. Just wait until the end of the year, review your people and make the appropriate decisions.

Ok, I'm not saying he should make changes now but I'd expect an interview or two. I haven't heard boo, positive or negative. Is he on holidays? Even if he came out to support the team, but nothing?

I think he makes an appearance on the CKRM pre-game shows every game. It's very early on in the coverage (they usually start 1.5 hours before kickoff and he is in the first half hour IIRC). I don't often get to tune in that early but for the few times that I have, he's been on.

I've never tuned in that early when I have listened to a game on the radio. I usually listen to the phone in portion ofthe show. Still think a newspaper article would be nice. Curious to what he has to say.