Bring back Marcel B???

Please discuss.

A lot of people thought he needed one more year, and were it not for the -25degrees in Winnipeg, we would have been in the Grey Cup last year.

Marcel IS available


If you enjoy mediocrity, then Marcel is the guy.

Not. A. Chance.

Shut the front door ! ... and the back door too ... and keep Mr. 500 out of here !

Marcel took the team to a Semi-Final appearance and a Final appearance the following year that's what it's important.

They won't hire him back. That would be an admission of a costly error.

I liked MB as a coach. Some people call him a ".500" coach. I think that's silly. He won a Vanier Cup after all. Even if it were true, he replaced a .167 coach and was followed by a .333 coach. He consistently made the playoffs in Hamilton, unlike most in the past decade. Come to think of it, he was the most successful coach in Bob Young's era.

Still, I wouldn't go back to him. Going backwards is almost never a good idea. That said, I have no idea who they should hire, or even consider, for the various important positions open.

MB is not coming back...way too much crow to eat.

who would have to do the eating?

Marcel? Scott? Obie?

Why would Bellefeuille have to eat any crow?

The fans would be ok with it, but that's way too much crow for Mitchell to stomach.

Looking at the economics whoever they bring back will be the HC and GM. My guess is they have their man but for whatever reason they are keeping it to themselves.

I liked MB, usually i prefer the hard nose type coaches unfortunately there almost obsolete since coaches have to baby the players now a days
but he had the same issue as Cortez.. Couldn't get the team straight.. Way to many costly penalties iirc.

Marcell B also had to deal with the inconsistant QB in Kevin Glen hense the .500 record. I think he will be headed home to Ottawa however. Im not sure that HC will be the spot he will get but who knows. He is an Ottawa Guy and is Bi lingual which will help immenslsey with CIS scouting in the French Universities in in the Q. Also like with saskatchewan a lot of top players aftr playing out their first 3 rookie year contracts tend to want to come back to the Riders. The Als don't operate that way buliding there Canadian content mostly through the draft at the Offensive line. Ottawa-Gatineau region may be the next best thing for French speking players to come back to the Bi lingul area of Ottawa and much closer to their home province of Quebec with. With Montreal not needing to build their O line through free agency would a center like Picard be more interested in going to Ottawa then SASK. Just sayin