at least lemons rating was above 90, higher than lulay, durant, and pierce.

no qb, either starter or backup, has a lower rating than jyles, except for bell. oye vay.

lemon sucked, but now things are even worse for the argos.

Give Jyles 1 yr and some recievers......

At least give Jyles the same amount of time Lemon had... and find someone to take up which ever job Elizondo is sucking most at.

The Argos won...


Oh look. Same receivers. Same results at QB.

Called it!

maybe in blue and gold if Pierce and Brink are both hurt. :frowning:

jyles runs way better than lemon and he also throws with a better arm then lemon.
he is still getting used to his recievers. in his third game back he won a game.
i think in 2 more weeks things will start to look up with Jyles at QB.

His qb rating is only so bad because he just played that one bad game. when you've only played 3 games, 1 bad game can really bring you down.

Lemon had a long time to get his ___ together. He didn't and got replaced. Jyles is doing at least as well as Lemon and has only played 3 games. Given some time, and some decent receivers, and Jyles will help the Argos get back in to the thick of things.

Guys like Durrant, OTOH, are over-rated. He looks great ONLY when he has a great receiving corp. Lose a couple of good guys (Fantuz and Bagg) and suddenly Durrant looks medicocre...which he is. Personally, I don't think Lulay is much better either. Lose Simon and Bruce, Gore and Foster, and replace them with Rider receivers and Lulay will look like crap too. There aren't many QB's of the cailber of AC any more, but I think Jyles has a shot at getting there if given enough time.

not yet he hasnt.

jyles is already doing better than lemon. he runs, can throw long (he's at least trying to anyway), and can score his own touchdowns if need be.

means dick all when your completion pct is only 48, your rating is only 59.4, and you throw away a game against sask.

i'd like to see you play with a messed up shoulder that got fixed healed and started acting up again...

this is jyles' first time as a starter i think so give him a bit of slack... he is no QB god... speaking of qb gods is calvillo doing any better after that nasty hit?

now you are making excuses. the point is, for whatever reason, jyles is NOT already doing better than lemon.

Funny, AC was pretty medicore until he got onto a team with Don Matthews coaching and some guys named Copeland, Cahoon, Richardson...

The QB who looks good with bad receivers does not exist. EVERY great QB in history has had good receivers. Just look on the weekend, the QBs that looked good also had guys making plays for them. Stretching out for passes, taking hits and hanging on, and in one case pulling it down in double or triple coverage. On bad teams? Those are incompletions or picks. They call this a team sport for a reason: QBs are only as good as the guys catching the passes.

Lemon didn't have them. Jyles doesn't have them. It's not surprising at all that the Toronto offense looks the same: except for one guy it IS the same. People who expect miracles are delusional. When they get a legit #1 receiver then we'll talk.

Yeah, I think it's only a matter of time before Cleo is a Bomber for the stretch run. He should fit in nicely with Lapo's 4 yard pass offence.

The Goltz to Denmark TD was better than anything I remember Lemon doing.

What is it with short-pass offences anyway? You're blaming Lapo for it in Winnipeg, Argo fans (some of them) blame Elizondo, fans in Saskatchewan, Montreal and Hamilton have all dumped on Bellefeuille for the same reason.

I remember when Jerry Williams was coaching the Peter Liske-era Stampeders and operating one of the early pass-happy offences; people asked him why he didn't go for a balanced attack, and he said something like "We do have a balanced attack. We throw short, and we throw long." :lol:

I don't know about the other teams but the Bombers are the ones who are pretty much dead last in most offensive categories (maybe the Argos).