Bring back Lancaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of the attention and criticism has been on the players and the coaches, but what about the GM? What exactly is Rob Katz doing? Should he not shoulder some responsibility for the teams losses? He does make all the decisions and from what I can see he is not doing anything great. What does Katz know about football anyway? He has no personal experience and has no football background. Lancaster however IS football and can make decisions based on personal and proffessional experience. His hands were tied with the last owners, but with Bob Young things could be great. Katz is a paper pusher. Bring back Lancaster!!!

So, replacing about half the team in the off-season wasn't enough for you?

Oh my... my jaw is just on the floor right now.

Katz's acquisitions during the off-season were (and still are) the envy of every team in the league. Three weeks ago he was being called a genius. Non-partisan media, like Schultz at TSN, were saying that the Cats had the most improved team, and the most competitive training camp, in the entire league.

Two losses in, Katz knows nothing, his scouting department no longer exists, and we're seeing calls for Lancaster to return as GM... when the last time he built a team, it was last year's fiasco.

This is beyond the realm of the absurd. It's pure, knee-jerk reactionalism.


Some people quickly forget that it's not uncommon for a new team to take time to gel in a league that has a short training camp and short preseason.

16 games to go yet.

I Thought that way when They Hired Rob.
After the Off Season I Think he Great ..
Lay off of Kats..

WOW! Give it some time. It is going to take a while for the team to get familiar with each other and gel as a unit. And some people are ready for a lynching only after two games. Get over yourselves people. Marshall has a meltdown on the sidelines in TO and some are ready to replace him. Boreham misses a few field goals and there are some ready to run him out of town. Maas throws an interception and some are calling for McManus to return or for Eakin to step in.

This team will be awesome, right now it just needs a little bit of tinkering. Last I heard is that you don't win the Grey Cup in June.



That's true: if I could choose one thing to fix about the CFL (aside from salary cap issues, which I won't even comment on), it's that they need at least one more preseason game, even if it means transfering one over from the regular season... Which is exactly how they got to an 18 game schedule in the first place, correct? The owners of the day figured they could get more money by taking two training camp games and making them regular season games. Thinking about it in those terms, this team should just now be setting the final roster for the season. Kinda gives you some new perspective on the work of certain people with the team thus far.

8) Oh My My !!! Totally unbelievable and mind boggling !!!!! " Forgive them, for they know not what they say". !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, If Lancaster had the money and support of Bob Young then he could have done the same. Please you are all defending him because you work for him. Lets call a spade a spade, Lancaster is a CFL legend who has done it, won grey cups both as a player and head coach! That is the most success in all of the Ticats organization...Think about it. :rockin:

Okay, I'm done thinking about it.

Now what?

Really!?! Damn, where do I pick up my cheque!?!?!?