Bring back John Bowman!

Seriously, why is Nic Usher in uniform?! He is completely useless! One sack, not many tackles; late on every play!

"Old" John Bowman would be better!


I say it again, Nic Usher is useless!

He's not coming back, out of football and out of shape

An old out of shape Bowman could probably still outplay Nic Usher.

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Would have liked to have seen him involved in the organization similar to how Luc Brodeur Jourdain has been.


Trade for Betts

Well if you're not fussy Johnny and you're looking for somebody older with a little more of a portfolio , Odell is available . Hell he's three years younger then Bowman and was actually in a CFL training camp this year .


Hey Johnny I thought I'd post this link here for you , being as you are probably John Bowman's number # 1 fan . Cheers :beers:

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Gotta like his outlook on the game .

“I’d like to coach and leave my impression on players,” said Bowman. “One thing I was good at was football. Not to brag, but I wasn’t the best athlete, I wasn’t super fast or strong. I just knew how to play. As a coach, if I can relay that to a player it’s more impactful.”

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I know John Bowman isn't coming back. But, let's talk about Nick Usher.
In 7 games he has 1 sack and 17 tackles. He is invisible on most plays. This is one of Maciocia's big free agent signings. He has turned out to be pretty useless!

Vrai, mais voyons voir si le changement d'entraîneur change quelque chose...

and dumb penalty tonight

Once Edmonton is out, the Als should offer O'Donnell's rights for Betts, they will lose Betts to free agency anyway. Betts still has some growing to do as a Pro football player but he could be to the current team what Proux and Brouillette were.

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Davis should replace Nick Usher. He has done more in one game than Usher all season!

I thought Usher was fine. He was responsible for one interception with his rush and tip and responsible for at least 4 QB hurries.
Als have a great Dline rotation.


I don't think Usher has done that badly TBH. No, he hasn't been a game-changer, but he's racked up a lot of tackles, which is a good stat for a defensive lineman. As much as this team struggles, I think both lines have done pretty well this season.


Usher got credit for 2 sacks tonight. I still think that when Simmons comes back, Davis needs to stay on the field. Usher should be the number 3 DE.

Johnny, my friend, you gonna get after the defensive line after they turn in a TEN-sack performance? :wink: :wink: :wink:

I just want to see Davis stay on the field. :slightly_smiling_face:


The defence has been playing great during the past 3 games; even better today. I doubt that there will be changes on the defensive line for next Friday's game.


The defense looked solid against the RB.

Next 4 games are against Argos, Riders and Bombers.
A bigger challenge IMO.

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