Bring back Hitch

Forced into retirement by Marcel, does anyone else feel that this was a mistake? What would it take for the Cats to bring him back? So maybe the management has to eat a bit of crow. I think Hitch has a couple good years left in him and would help the porous secondary. They looked pitiful today. I’d love to see Hitch back there dropping bombs on the receivers like he use to. Bring back Hitch….

Even the Arizona Cardinals, bless their short-bussed managerial hearts, would not dare to have the “ALRIGHT WE WERE IMBECILES” temerity to pull a 180 like that. Seriously.

Won’t happen.

Maybe Hitch should change his name and come back like some people do on here.

Dunno you tell us...

Bring back Hitch..

He’s retired, get over it. Move on. Sigh.

what an ugly uniform THAT was.

I agree Bring back Hitch he may not be able to play the pass as good as other safetys that don't play for us but it sure would be good to see him hit a few people coming across the middle

Well he could certainly play as good as Cody did today. That was disgraceful.

Hitch was released and no one else picked him up.

He's done.

No one forced him to retire.

like to see him as a coach!!!!

this is the stupidest topic. how would hitch help us? he hassnt even played saftey for a few years we moved him to linebacker and he are good there

I'd like to see him coach too. But the timing isn't right. A couple of years down the road would probably be a better idea.

8) Will this utter nonsence ever end !!!

Guys let him retire in peace.....Give it a rest!

Tipper said

8) Will this utter nonsence ever end !!!

Not until purple cows fall from the sky, Tip. :stuck_out_tongue:

And you know for certain no one else contacted him?

Maybe he thought the Ticats would realize the stupid mistake they made and ask him back.( I think they should have )

But I also think that if forced to retire, he wanted to do so as a Ticat.

Hitch bleeds black and gold and wouldn't go to another team. How do you know he wasn't contacted by other teams. He said himself that he felt he had another good season in him and looking at the Cats D, he couldn't do any worse than some of the bums they've got out there now. They need some veteran leadership.