Bring Back Don Suthern

Are defence has been in turmoil ever since he left.
I believe he is the best D.C. this team has ever had.

Don is not the man he use to be.
Leave it at that.

what does that mean?He's not ill is he

Here we go again :roll:

Yup, Don has turned to the same old soft butter that Ron has become in his old age.

PS: It's laughable that people come online to practice their immature controlling ways.

Don't bother replying. Both of my observations are correct. :lol:

did I say something wrong.

we need to move forward ... not back

Our defene was the best in the league when he left here...

Our defence isnt that bad now, if anything being on the field 40 minutes a game isnt helping.

Crash, you should know better than to distort facts the way some others do.

Average time of possession for this season: Ticats 28:29, opponents 31:31. That's a difference of 3 minutes per game, not 20 minutes.

Out of 25 defensive categories, we rank last in 13, and 2nd or 3rd last in 6 others. The biggest reason for that is the fact we've played one or two more games than everyone else. But even for those stats that are measured on a "per game" or "per play" basis, we are in the bottom half, if not dead last, in almost all of them.

Just thought I'd throw out some actual facts.

Note the sarcasm... I do believe that 31.5 minutes is too much per game, however i would like to see the tim e of possession not including the 4th quarter, cause in garbage time when the other team is running the ball and punting, our offense is on the field by default.

By no means and i making excuses...but i think the D gave us chances to win ballgames and the O didnt do its part.

I counted 8 losses where the other team scored less than 30 points.

You have to do better than 8 losses when the other team scores less than 30... no?

Of course. If we had any offence to speak of this year we would have stood a chance.

Our D may have looked good in comparison to our O, but by just about any other measure our D was pretty weak. It's not exactly an area where we can rest on our laurels.

Note that Argos' average time of possession has been 28:41, compared to their opponents' 31:18. Almost identical to our stats, but I'll bet they're not complaining like we are. The key difference being that they actually have a good defence.

'how goes the offense, so goes the defense'

With a lame duck offense a decent defense can readily get burned out.

We did have a lame duck offence this year, did we not?

Lame duck?

Between Maas and Eakin we saw enough lame ducks.

Our D is not all that bad...a little work and it will "click" into place.

We are already beyond the Belli non-discipline penalties, that kept it in play too long in the opening half of the season, for instance.

We lost a darned good player in Jason Goss, and I for one sure hope we can get him back.

Once Cheatwood gets healthy again, the defensive front won't be bad.

The linebackers are small, and, frankly, Hitchcock has no business the guy and he's a team icon, but getting pasdt his day for playing.

While everyonce in a while, Wayne Shaw does something at Safety that makes me really like him, he is still challenged with the spectre of Rob Hitchcock, who "owned" that position in the CFL.

Are the schemes right? Thats a better question, and one Kavis Reed is left to answer, moreso than the group of players he got handed. Still, I think he will get a competitive shot at coming back next year.

I think Sudsy was one of the better DC's of all time, and wish we could get him to "guest" at Camp, or through the year, but the guy is way old by now (mid 70's?) and would hardly be motivated to continue working as hard as needs be done, so sorry, he is yesterday's guy, with every bit of respect due to him.

The guy I'm concerned at losing is John Salavanis, who has commenced a turnaround with the sad sack collection of OLine types, and who is merging them into a unit at present. I'd hope the incoming HC would keep him on, and train a successor. There needs be some vestige of consistency! (Oh yes, the Xmas wishlist includes an incredibly big, rugged run block lineman, almost certainly and American)

I'm coming around to the view of several, and sit Maas and let Eakin and Williams show us what they've got...winning or losing doesn't matter a lot at this point of 2006, but show me what you got on offer for next year, guys!

If our offence didn't stink so bad, our D would be looking really good

Southern eh! As a player or coach?