Bring Back Dominguez

The guys we have can't get it done at WR. It's time to call the doc -- and bring the MD back to the green and white.

give it time , give it time! our receivers will be fine!

Agreed give it time I would rather see MD back as a coach or something

come on what did he ever do four the riders , never won us a game, Riders got so much depth on recieveing that Dominquez is a thing of the past, Riders have other positions to worry about he wont be missed and hasn't been for a dew years now

Yes, we need him to be our Destroyer 'cuz when he's on the field he's certainly no Doctor Love, but he will rock 'n' roll you all nite, make the fans party everyday and when he's done with them the oppositon will need to call the Firehouse...oh and the Riders have nothin' to loose by addin' him and after the game the fans can go for a cold gin 'cuz Matt is stil Dressed to Kill. I certainly am a huge fan :rockin: :cowboy:

[url=] ... 000289.jpg[/url]

Who's that in the background? -- yes, that's MD88 standing behind Mr. Harrell -- wearing his #88 practice jersey.

I figure they think he has about 6 or 7 games left in him, so they'll do the paperwork around October.

I don't care who it is, but the riders need a tall American reciever who has speed to burn and can have a height atvantage over the defenders. I know we a loaded in canadian recievers, but we need a deep threat to compliment Dressler. Our offence will suffer if we don't fill this void. Defences are not giving us any respect and playing shallow. Of coarse better play sellection will help, but with the group we have the defenders are keying on Dressler, a second burner would change this dramatically.