Bring back Dany Mac?

Maybe the Al's can give him a job somewhere, he might of been a crappy gm, but he was a pretty good coach.

Huh … NO!


He was a mediocrity here as OC. I don't want him in our organization in any way, shape, or form.

No way that I want him to be part of the Als organisation...otherwise we are doomed, even if the Jim Popp saga continues !

He won a Grey Cup in 2005 so what, he inherited a hyper-competitive team from Tom Higgins and Ricky Ray returned from NY Jets .....

Look at his regular season record as a coach:

33 wins, 38 loss

Post Season as a coach:

4 wins (3 in 2005 & 1 in 2008) - 1 defeat

As for GM

Regular season
20 wins
21 defeats


1 win
2 losses

RDS has a poll where 74% of voters wnat him with the Als...they should stick to watch the HABS instead of voting on pool for Als !

It's nothing personal, either. Maciocia seems like a really nice guy, and I don't like how the Esks have tried to tarnish his character in the wake of his firing; he deserves better than that. But he was a lousy GM, and not much better than an average coach. We don't need him here. If and when Milanovich leaves for a head coaching gig elsewhere in the CFL, I can see us promoting someone from within to take his place (Himbaugh, maybe, or Bischoff). Trestman is heavily involved in the offense in any case.

My long-term hope is that following retirement, Anthony Calvillo joins our staff as a QB coach, eventually becoming our offensive coordinator. With his willingness to study the game and cerebral approach to the position, he'd make a great coordinator IMO.

How about we sign and pay the guy who’s been working his nuts off for 15 years for our team instead of bringing back a guy that was given his break by the Als , did work in his home town and left the first opportunity he had.

Like the Bee Gees sang Danny : You should be dancing…

Maciocia a montré tout ce qu'il peut faire, et ce n'est pas très brillant. On n'a pas besoin de lui, et n'importe qui serait lieux que lui (sauf Andrus et Kelly, peut-être).

Pas un mauvais gars, mais surtout pas un génie du football. Je ne le verrais surtout pas comme dépisteur, parce que ses choix depuis qu'il est à Edmonton montrent qu'il n'a aucun talent pour découvrir le talent.

Malheureusement pour lui, je crois qu'il est brûlé. Mais il n'a que lui-même à blâmer, à la fin.

According to Pierre Vercheval (RDS), when he started with the Als he was working for free… Can’t really blame a guy for jumping on the oppotunity to be a head coach. The guy has experience and I think he could still do good things (not as a HC or GM though). Esks mgmt and fans are fooling themselves if they think all their problems will go away by just firing Danny.