Bring Back Danny!

Bring back Danny to back up Jason Maas. Kevin Eakin is worse than that Ted White guy from Montreal. interception himself

He might throw you a Grey Cup ring if you're good... LOL :wink:

As for the bring back Danny movement, he's not coming back unless mcMahon gets inspired.

Oski Wee Wee,

That brought a smile to my face.

For those who remember, Danny, at least in the first half of his career, specially with BC, was mr interception. Those who are writing off Eakin already would sure to have written off Danny back then as well.

Now this thread is hella funny.

Eakin looked like the Danny from last year tonight.

Hey I am a winnipeg fan and all i gots to say is u have the worst team in the leuge we may have another folded team hahahahhahahahaha

You have no concept of a) CFL economics when you're having 90% capacity crowds and b) any concept of the kind of bucks Bob Young has,

Oski Wee Wee,

Hey at least were winning games

and we beat the hell out of u

how many points did u score o ya 0!!!!

I think we're all aware of what happened this evening, AND our teams record. But thank you for pointing it out.

I really wish they would let children on these sites, sigh

Back to the Danny comment (you know, the subject this thread was ACTUALLY about) as much as I love Danny, and as wrong as he looks wearing the red and white, why don't we combine the thoughts of 2 people here, we need a QB coach, you want Danny back...