Bring Back Danny Man

Please hear me out I'm not a TiCat fan but was born and raised in Hamilton east end. After hearing the news about the coaching change I would like to suggest that you traded a future head coach and his name is Danny Man he was a good player and gave a lot to the communty If you watch film on him he has the head phones on walking the side lines helping anyway he can just watch a Edmonton game you will see what I mean. Go after him sign him as head coach and you will have dedication not matched for some time. As I said I'm not a ticat suporter but I know my football.
Thank You

Chick66 :slight_smile:

If you're a football fan, then you should know that he plays for Calgary, NOT Edmonton.

I’m always ready to take anyone’s advice, especially when they say they aren’t even a TiCat fan. If I was an imbecile.

Danny Man? We have to wait for the Paopao era to end first, But DMack will be a CFL,r for life, just like Lancaster, Dmack 3 cups 3dif teams, Eskies, Lions , TiCats.(Just as good as Flutie as a big game QB)

Just testing shure he is with Calgary
Now that I have your attention.
Watch him work the side lines he also was busy when he was with TiCats I think he will be a great coach Just trying to help so I can see better football.Also watch this friday and keep a eye on him and see for your self

Yea Argos

you have got to be kidding.

I like Danny as a person. He could possibly be a great coach. I think he will be good. However, as a player, he never came close to Doug and never was much good without Darren.

You just invalidated anything else you might ever say on theis site... lol

He wants to wait until all the players he has played with have retired so he is unbiased when he coaches, I read that somewhere but i am unsure where

So we can expect him in about 3 weeks? :frowning:

I think that would be a real good idea. But, as a qb coach first.

Yikes excuse me for having a opinon.

Again I say Danny Mac will make a great coach
Watch him work the side line in the upcoming game ear phones on a chart in his hands and best of all the respect he gets from his peers from ALL Teams.

Quote me on this "he will coach in this leauge" Take advantage of it if Ti Cats are able I've been called a imbasil for suggesting it we will see.

I think we should bring back Danny and put him in at QB. He has a quick release. Bla, bla, bla....

Hey what happened to all the crazy Danny mac supporters anyways? Are they Calgary fans or are they you guys saying he should be a coach.

Having him as a coach is a good idea, however, he would be a little green, let some other team give him the coaching experience first then we will steal him.

In the back of my mind I always question how good of a coach he would be. He was always known as a quiet guy, not a leader in the locker-room. This quality is not something that you look for in a coach.

What the heck are you people smokin'....Danny Mac indeed!

Give it a rest!

Danny Mac - no
Danny Man - yes :rockin: :twisted: :lol:

While I have always been a Danny Mac supporter I'm not sure this would be a good move for him or the team.

I would prefer to let Ronny take the helm and see if he can turn the team around and begin winning some games. Then...maybe (and that's a big maybe), would I let someone of Danny's football knowledge yet limited coaching experience take over the team.

Logic dictates that you compile a list of available coaches or possible coaches and then review their skills and accomplishments before choosing a new head coach. Sentimental feelings should not be involved.

That being vote is still for Frank Kush. Let him smack some of the players upside the head to get results. lol

His name is "Danny Mac".

who is??

And he loves Big Macs :lol:

Danny Mac is the Best...