Bring Back Danny Mac (but not as a QB)

I would really like to see Danny Mac come back to the 'Cats as a coach, scout, the next Pigskin Pete, etc...

I was one of the people that flat-out wanted him gone as our QB. I'll admit that much. But that was because he was past his playing days not because he was no longer a good person or because I stopped appreciating the Grey Cup he won with us.


Who else would like to see Danny Mac back with the team in some capacity?

Danny Mac will be back in IWS with TSN's announce team broadcasting Ticats games this year in his role as a CFL game analyst with the network.

I think this is the career path he wanted to go into once he retired (hence why he jumped at the chance). :wink:

Time will tell what Danny will do over the next several years, but I wish him all the best in his new role at TSN. Looking forward to his insights!

Oski Wee Wee,

i would like to have danny back as a coach and i think he would also want coach one day but i think he would want to stay away until most of his ex-teamates retire. look at ron lancaster for example he was a better coach with edmonton after staying away for awhile than when he was coaching sask so soon after retiring