Bring back Danny Mac and Coach Lancaster

When the Cats go 0-8 it's going to be that time of the year to Fire Coach Taffe and replace him with Coach Lancaster....and bring back Danny Mac at Quaterback...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic...

I’ll buy the wings and beer for danny!

Yeah about that idea. The last time Danny Mac and Ron Lancaster were in town we went 1-17. Bringing them back probably isn't too smart.

News flash:

Ron is STILL with the Cats and DOES NOT want to coach again.

Danny Mac has retired from the game..

You hear me clear enough???

I think it was a joke!!!! lol

OTOH, who brought hamilton their last cup??

Tony Akins

We will take Coach Lancaster here in a second. And yes the last time danny mac and lancaster were together they did go 1-17, but they had no money, no players and no owners, do you guys happen to forget that.

You're both wrong, it was two members of the RCMP. They literally walked it right out to them.

Why is it so simple for observant outsiders
to see through to the heart of a situation?

I always understood that casual fans
wouldn't see that situation clearly

but I will never understand why fans
who follow the Tiger Cats closely

couldn't filter out their emotions and biases
and assess the particulars of that situation.

'no players, no money no owners'...duh!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist.

You've been enjoying yourself too much at that establishment. Both guys are done in the roles you are advocating. There is room for both but not as coach and QB but rather public relations and QB coach/consultant

Eskie82 makes a good point. In our 1-17 season we had no owner, no players and no money. Well in 2007 we have an owner (thanks very much Bob). Players??? well maybe a few. Money?? When you offer a much needed experienced player 41K so that he is forced to walk and get hired by the competition, you have to wonder. Why could we not afford some of the talent that was being distributed around the league in the past few months. Are we still operating on the "No Money" plan, while we watch players we have let get away become stars for other teams? Anyone else worried?

I'd be happy with 41G's for a part-time job where I could if I wanted get something else from Dec to training camp.

Given that his injury was just at the end of last year and he hasn't proved in the long term that the reconstruction of the tendon will hold up, I'd be sort of leary of giving him what he was paid last year. If he goes down in a week or two with it re-injured then all this will be a moot point as the Bombers will have to pay him.

If what I remember from what I have read is correct, then 41G's was his base salary, it would be interesting to know what incentives were there. Maybe, just maybe, if he played all games he would have made it $$$-wise up to or close to his salary of last year. Perhaps he was concerned that it isn't 100% either. Not our problem now.

Cheers and an OskiWeeWee for Thurs night.

Let's be realistic...If the Cats go 0-8 and let go coach Taffe...Lancaster is on the pay role already and has expierence..he takes over as Head Coach and maybe we bring in Danny Mac as the new Offensive coordinator..and then make Danny Mac the Head Coach...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic...Go Cats Go :cowboy:

All are invited to watch the Tiger Cats game with the boys at the Stoney Creek Attic Thursaday vs BC..Hopefully Coach Lancaster shows up with Danny Mac...Go cats Go

Wear your Danny Mac jerseys Thursday night vs the BC Lins at the Attic....Go Cats Go...Morty's wearing his jersey...The boys of the Stoney Creek Attic...See you there...Go Cats Go...

… The Esks were the first to dump these two guys after years of loyal sevice and never did tryed to get them back. Its safe to say you want them back now when you know they wont be back. :lol:

This topic is a joke.....right?

If we keep Maas and bring back Lancaster, Miller's head might just explode. :wink:

Danny Mac can still throw the deep ball and read defenses..something that Mass and Chang can't do combined..Bring back Danny Mac...