Bring back Damon Allen......


If we were to bring back an QB its going to be Danny Mac obviously ha.

I think with any deal that might be worked out with Winnipeg, we should make them include Timmy Chang. I dont think he got a fair shake here. Those starts against the best defence in the league just werent fair to him.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :wink:

I have a feeling you are joking. I hope you are because I got a good laugh out of that. No offense.

No, leave Timmy where he is.
I dont know if youre old enough to remember Jimmy Jones (70s) , but Chang is a Jones knock-off.
Jones was called by one of his CFL coaches " the best PRACTICE quarterback I have ever seen."
Game day was a total reversal of form...Happy Feet , and as for passing, he couldnt hit an elephant in the arse with a bulldozer. My totally objective opinion is that Timmy Chang is not and will never be a CFL starter. I base that on 54 seasons of CFL football observation. I wish him luck, but he cant beat out any of our present guys on talent or ability.

I guess the three eye rolls and the wink werent enough to convey sarcasm

Bring Back Jason Maas! :rockin: :wink:

These bring back insert name here threads are so stupid. Even as a joke..