Bring back Covington and Davis!

:D :D :D

Thanks for the hanging curve there, Barney! CRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAACCCCCCCKKKKKK! LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Nostalgia,

Bring back Danny Mac too :doh:

Bring back Winfeild, Champion and Kerrigan!!!!!!!!

Bring back John Barrow, Hal Patterson, and Gerry MacDougall, heck, even Dave Fleming. None of them got a
proper send-off.


What I'd give for a DMac vs Brady flame war right now.

Williams vs Printers may occur should Casey struggle.

or bring back Eakin...

They don't call me 'Long Ball' Barney Fife for nothing. :wink:

An Argo-Cat fan

Bring back last years prices !!!!!!!!!

sorry couldnt resist ............

better Tell JP to stock up on Geritol


How about Brett "The Toaster" Williams and Pete Giftopoulos? Or maybe Lee Knight and Paul Bushey?

Hey, We could always wait tell Vic is out of jail if he dont get back in the NFL!
I think Were solid at the running back position! Jess SHOULD be fine, and If by chance he isnt! cauly Looks like he has alot of potenshial! Davis was a hard worker and great legs, but he is getting older. It would have been nice to see what he coulda done with a better team around him. Lets imagine Lumstin with a O line that makes moast of there blocks! drools Avrage 11 yards a everytime he touches the ball!

#23 Rocky DiPietro

Lock it... :cowboy:

and last year's team. :wink:

Bring back the sack master, he could probably do a better job than most of the guys we have now.

bring back cherrleaders in skirts

Bring back 25 cent hotdogs