Bring Back CFL Illustrated

Does anyone else miss the CFL Illustrated game-day programmes?

All I get in Hamilton now are lineup booklets. I used to like the in-depth articles that came with CFL Illustrated.

lord knows u fans in hamilton need something to entertain u while at a game..cuz the tabbies aint doin it.

Maybe things like that are the reason we are getting a new commissioner.

....SEEING AS A LOT OF MEDIA PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY.......don't want to write us up...or talk about the CFL in depth 8) ...its an excellent idea to get CFL ILLUSTRATED up and running...might as well advertise ourselves where and when we can..... :thup:

Yeah, but isn't there all ready a CFL magazine?

The ARGOS get programs at their games?

We are getting a new commish because of 3 ego mad driven CFL owners. The Minority controls the majority. :thdn:

These owners are shooting the CFL in their own feet , once again. :thdn: