This current QB situation is unacceptable. We need someone who can bring us to the Promised Land.

Yes Casey was a bit of distracting, but he's athletic and competitive; and he's wasting his time in Hamilton.

Put Casey in front of a telented recieving core like the Lions and things will happen.

Make a trade and bring Casey Printers home. Then we'll see big crowds.

This current crapp can't continue.

Got a better solution? Better find a solution fast before the Lions are 0-4

Printers? WTF? that makes no sense at all. face reality printers has done nothing well since he left the lions if you have talent you need to use it, grow with it, unfortunatley Printers is playing like he expects to be great, but he's spinning his wheels and not learning from his mistakes! He needs to drop the ego get back to basics and play like a quarterback not ride on the coatails of his past success!(short but sweet) The lions have 2 capible QB's the team just needs to pull together at the same time. and as far as the lions going 0-4 that may be a good thing maybe the desire to win will return

You posted the same crap on the lionbackers forum. Give your head a shake, did you not see the Ham/Mtl game? Casey $ucked. Casey couldn't make 4th string in K.C. He did nothing last year in Ham and so far has looked very ordinary in game one. Casey benefited from a very good Wally Buono system. Heck, even Spergon Wynn looked good here in B.C. Casey is not the answer, never was and never will be. It wouldn't surprise me if he dropps down the Ham dept chart as the season wears on, despite his large salary.

Completed 15 of 21 passes (71%) for 203 yards, and rushed for another 33 yards. If that sucks, then I'd say your standards are pretty high.

He may not be the "answer" for B.C., but I wouldn't go so far as to say he sucks.

What Chief said. Put Calvillo, Ray, Glenn, Burris, Dickenson, heck stick Warren Moon with that supporting cast in Hamilton, and any of 'em would look pretty bad. From my vantage point, Casey Printers (and the rookie Mitchell) were the only guys trying to make something happen. They lost because a)no QB can be expected to carry the team (see: Edmonton Eskimos for most of 2006-2007) by himself, and b) Mitchell as a rookie isn't ready to be the go-to guy ala Simon, Tucker, Bruce, Cahoon et al.

Agree with the Eskimo fans here. Casey was the lone bright spot for that very poorly coached team. I guess Wally should have kept him.

I'll wait a few more games to yack about Printers.


Most people I know dont want him back, and personnally Id rather see where we can go with the guys we have. Id also hate to see Hamilton lose Printers, they have been so dissapointing and to lose their QB may be a huge blow to the support they receive from their fans.

gameseven120firstdownnoisemonkey.... SHUT UP

After week one it's a ridiculous suggestion, long term maybe not.

The long term status of Pierce's shoulder is suddenly in question after he was told to rehab injury and not have off-season surgery. Hence the comment "it can't get anymore seperated than it is."

I'm not sold on Jarious Jackson until he gets more consistent for all four quarters. Last year, the Lions defence bailed him out a lot and he didn't look good on Thursday. But I expect him to start against the Riders and let's see what he does with this opportunity.

But a injury-riddled Pierce and an inconsistent Jackson might have the Lions eventually looking to Hamilton at some point in the future, especially if things aren't going well for Printers there.

Ackles has not forgotten just how popular Printers was here and the Lions did choose him over Dickenson after the 2005 season when Casey decided to sign with the Chiefs instead.

Knowing Walley he likes at least 3 or more soldiers in his QB ranks don't be suprised if a special QB shows up. he likes aces up his sleve which has always been his style. I really feel Buck is damaged! I seen ricky ray take simular if not harder hits and he bounced back! I hate to say it but I think Buck is screwed he will have the same bulls eye that dickinson carried! I feel bad because I believe Buck could be a superstar if given the chance. and as much as I like JJ his inconsistancies make him 100% dependible! and as far as Printers goes I wish him all the best he has the potential to be awsume if he works hard enough! Don't waste a min Casey Go 4 IT!

Board seems split on this, but it doesn't matter anyway. There is no chance of this happening. Casey is staying put.

Printers will put butts in seats. He is exciting. He has matured and needs to be able to prove himself on a team that is going somewhere...

and that team is not Hamilton

So is Buck facing more surgery? Would that surgery happen this season or in the off season? What a mistake to not have that surgery done this last off season.

They say its better not to have any for the kind of injury it is whatever that means. Go Jariuos show everyone you are the man.

I doubt very seriously that Hamilton is going to want to give him up. Granted Hamilton's win over Toronto last night was due in large part to their ground game...300+ yards on the ground for crying out loud...and Jesse Lumsden was a huge part of their offensive punch...but Printers scored 2 TDs as well. Therefore, Casey Printers will not be going anywhere any time soon. Also, if Buck Pierce can't take a hit, then maybe he needs to find something else to do with his life...because he is not durable enough to play Quarterback...

Maybe trade for Bishop?

There's an idea. Bishop certainly doesn't like the current situation in Toronto. Maybe the Leos need to get Zac Champion's feet wet. Let's see if he is the phenom that everybody expects him to be! The only way we will know if he is the promised one, is by getting him some Regular season playing time.
Last night's loss was discouraging. What makes it even more so is the Lions lost to the rough-necks! Oh how I hate the rough-necks!

the problem is Casey Printers isn't here; he's helping Hamilton win instead of helping us win

but Wally Buono kept his job here, didn't here?