Bring back Bakari!!

How is a 30 something rec who hasn’t played a down of football in 10 mos who never played for Jones “plug and play” ?

C’mon people. We’ re supposedly trying to build something here.

True enough, Chapman has been great for us so far :wink:

Well we could bring in a rookie instead of a WR who gained 1000 yards last year if that is your preference...not my preference that is for sure.
IMO looking for a low maintenance proven veteran who can come in and hit the ground running and be a good pro. We have 2 awesome targets in Banks and Tasker, decent option in Tolliver. Insert Bakari Grants as the 4th guy and I am happy. Great blocker too.

We dont have to bring anybody in we can use use players that are actually on team today.

Lawrence, conveniently located and practices with the team and knows the system right now. If anyone is “plug and play” its him.

Good teams build through drafting and practice rosters. Bad teams who lurch from crisis to crisis , like MTL, look to scrap heap residents like Grant.