Bring back Bakari!!

With Saunders sidelined unfortunately for the season, (Get Well) the Tiger-Cats should bring back another true Tiger-Cat in Bakari Grant still a free agent.

The guy only amassed over a 1000 yards last year in Regina, he’s a proven receiver who bleeds black & gold and hates the Argos what more can you say about this guy.

Just like Toliver he’s got the height and agility to get open and become a big target for Masoli to hit on the scramble or from the pocket.

I’m sure Bakari would love nothing better than to get back with the Tiger-Cats and play with his old team mates in the Hammer!!


Sadly this will probably never happen. Does not fit the profile in Junes Offence.

Always wondered why the “arrrgh, we never develop a QB” crowd never jumps into the conversations about dumpster diving for other positions.

We can develop a good receiver too, right?

Not interested in bringing back Grant. They should be taking a run at Posey.

I agree. With the blew team blowing their wad on a freaking cancer in the locker room (aka Carter) they likely won’t have cap space to sign Posey.

Hey OMD! I think we agree on something. :wink:

That’s hilarious.

I can’t believe we haven’t signed bakari yet. Chambers, William’s and now Saunders out… what’s the hold up?

Posey right now would want a heck of a lot more money than Bakari Grant I’m sure and very doubtful if he would even consider Hamilton, If any CFL offer he’s probably back to the Argos?

Check out Bakari Grants tweets:

The guys heart is in Hamilton and he has both the skills and community spirit to fit right into a June Jones offence, unlike many who disagree??

Bakari was the first player to score the TD at the new Tim Horton’s Field than instead of keeping the ball himself as most would have done, he gave the ball to the Caretaker.

If anything besides being a great veteran receiver Bakari Grant’s ability and experience to run routes would open the field up underneath to the other players like Banks and Tasker and can certainly make for a more well rounded offence.

The Tiger-Cats are on the right step forward with two wins now heading down the stretch but in order for this team to have any potential for a playoff or Grey Cup appearance they must be consistent as hell and win every game, Bakari just gives the team an extra weapon with experience to do so!


Don't you think that there is a valid reason BG hasn't been able to get a contract with any other team this year?

I am a huge BG fan :). When he scored the first TD at THF and then handed the ball to Bob on the sidelines it just cemented how I felt (and feel) about him 8). Unfortunately he would not fit into the current offence that requires small fast players (exception being TT) at receiver :(.

When Duron Carter was let go by Regina and became available and the Cats were looking at him, I thought yah the guy would be good here but I was worried about his attitude and fitting in with the team and chemistry here?

Bakari Grant you don’t have to worry, the guy is a team player, a free agent looking for a place to play currently and more importantly he has played here before and did a great job, he’s known by many of the current teammates like Banks, Tasker, Simoni, Masoli, Filer, even Breaux so the guy is just another piece of the puzzle available who can help this team to move to the next stage.

Grant had over 1000 yards receiving last year in Regina, heck thats great in anyone’s books and I’m sure he could fit right into a Jones run & shoot offence.

Bring Back Bakari!!


I wonder why Jones prefers the ‘small’ receivers? The ‘fast’ I understand, as the saying goes, you can’t teach speed. But I don’t understand the ‘small’ part.

I know exactly why. Teams bring in their own guys and choose the younger versions to build around. Bakari is exactly what we need. A plug and play reliable veteran for the balance of the season. We have next year covered.

It's not that he prefers small, it's that he prefers fast, and the guys who have the level of speed he wants and size tend to be harder to sign. Note also that Jones has only had influence on the Ticat negotiation list since last September (assuming that Tillman/Mitchell/whoever were taking his input re: personnel even before he signed his new deal in the off-season that gave him final word on personnel).

I like Bakari, but what makes you so sure he’s plug-and-play in this offence?

Who can play for a crazy coach like Chris Jones changing QB’s on every snap? Bring Grant in here and the change of scenery of sorts would do him wonders.

You have to wonder why every team has passed on him…

Unless there is an injury we don’t know about, he’s worth a shot.

Besides, we need options besides deep ball fast recivers. That gets us down the field, but we need tall guys to fight and bring down a catch in the end zone.

I mean, football is about keeping your opponent guessing isn’t it?

By all means, bring back Grant if you want multiple offside and illegal block penalties per game.