Okay Tiger-Cats enough of the rookie tryouts here we have injured players granted but we need quality players and Vets who can fill the positions and one key area is our Rushing game we have NOTHING, 20 yards in total in not RUSHING YARDS, get AVON back and lets get some rushing yards and veteran leadership on the field. These guys are unmotivated, get some talent back in there, quality players should be replaced by quality players,the rookie camp is over!! We let a 1000 yard rusher go because we had Mallet, well he's cut, we have Walker, he's injured and we have Gable who is a rookie still trying to figure himself out, GET AVON BACK!!!

Not. Gonna. Happen.


Please, Avon is not coming back. I don't know why people think he would want to come back. Avon hates losing, and losing is what the Cats happen to do best at this point in time. Old players don't come out of retirement to play for crappy teams. Avon already made that mistake once, no way he does it again.

I can see a Cobourne return under certain circumstances, but not with the Cats.

Yah like money wouldn't entice Avon to come out of retirement? please, if it's a choice of earning $150,000.00 playing another five months or making $50,000.00 a year working in Insurance in Florida well you do the math since your so smart!!!

I understand money talks, but I just see no situation where Avon returns to the Cats. We will see though, I'll eat crow and cheer my butt off for Deuces if he returns.

With the number of players on the one-game IR, and a bunch of them being the higher-priced veterans, there can't be much cap room left. How would we afford Cobourne at the point?

Probably the biggest reason he won’t be here, because the Cats won’t even approach him.

Imagine the backfield if we had Avon Colburne along side Dahranne Diedrick two ex-Als and backed up by Chevon Walker trade Gable he has hands of stone much like many of the Canadian receivers the Cats have, okay I'm willing to give McKay a chance along with Fantuz but the other guys the French connection of Guillere and Charbonne and who ever else could only catch a cold if it was in their vicinity??

You’re willing to MacKay a chance, but you give Gable only 2 games, 1 of which was under horrible weather conditions.

BTW, I thought Charnbonneau-Campeu got open and caught the ball well. he was the team’s leading receiver last game with 5 catches.

I heard (read) Cory Boyd s named mentioned a few days ago I think he would be a good guy to get.
I take him over Gable.

does it ever occur to you fans that Avon might not want to come back .... he may be happy being retired?

Hey CaptainKlink lets make you coach and we'll have a loser for sure!!!!

and he can BLOCK :roll: :thup: TIcats calling on Avon soon?!

I haven't seen a game yet and I can't seem to get the TSN VOD to work properly with my new tablet. But from what I have read and seen from highlights the problems are the "O" line and the defense.

Agreed. Our O-line hasn't been able to open holes for our RBs since Lumsden was turning those holes into huge gains, although even then it wasn't consistent (contributing to his shoulders being ripped apart). Where Cobourne was different from our other RBs was that he could usually get an extra yard or two after first contact. It doesn't look like Gable is able to do that, and from what I remember from last year, Walker wasn't able to either. Lamar looked a bit better there than Gable on Sunday, but not so much in previous games. Personally, I think Walker is our best of the three we have, as I think he's a good blocker, has a good feel for when to release, and is very good at getting open on those releases giving the potential for one of his long runs.

That said, the O-line on Sunday was incredibly hobbled, with both starting tackles on the IR. Even protecting Burris for more than a couple of seconds seemed a challenge for them. If our tackles are going to be out for long, we need to be bringing in replacements who are ready to start.

And yes, our defence is horrible, and was even worse than usual Sunday due to injuries.

Maybe we should just let Austin run the team.