Bring a ref's whistle to the Montreal game!

Talk about bush-league refereeing! A play called dead because a fan blew a ref's whistle?!? wtf???
That play cost us the game.

...yup....another example of a poorly reffed game...If there's no apparent repercussion for a fan blowing a whistle in the crowd...I say blow-away :lol: They've really opened a can of worms here...I believe we were going to be denied the win no matter what we did...Proulx was going to make sure of that...I haven't witnessed a more poorly called game since the Als. game in the Peg a few years ago...It;s sad we haven't advanced in the reffing dept., to any great extent, since :thdn:


I assume the CFL is like any other football league, if a fan blows a whistle, the play is dead and replayed. Proulx got that right.
So, yes, you could blow a play dead with a whistle if it would help your team. Just doesn't seem right does it?

Your own coach says that the reason the bombers lost was the four turnovers, players didn't listen to their ST assignments on the last field goal, Brinks pulls himself out with a mild injury to his non throwing left shoulder and it goes on and on but all Winnipeg fans can do is blame Proux, the fan who blew the whistle.... Can't help but laugh. :lol:

Forget about the win or loss, this is about what happens if a fan blows a whistle in the stands. Proulx made the right call to replay the down, nothing wrong with that. But the fan, change the outcome of that play, that shouldn't be right, should it? Should we allow a fan with a whistle to change the outcome of a play is all I'm asking.

Its wrong obviously but this isn't the first time this happens. Maybe the CFL could INNOVATE and get some whistles or some other sounding device that is produced and serialized only to them. That would be the ideal solution.

About all you can do. If you start acting on the hooligans whistles you give them importance and the problem will get worse.

Ding ding ding........we have a winner.

Get rid of the 29 cent whistles and get a device with a unique (CFL only) sound. :thup:

The NHL uses Fox40 whistles that have a unique sound that no over the counter whistle can produce.. why can't the CFL use them?