Brilliant strategy by Riders!!


My Riders have set the table perfectly.

  1. They have planted the seeds of doubt in the Stamps that they are not invincible at home, in fact, they barely escaped with a win over my beloved Riders who actually gave the game away.
  2. The Western Final will be a home game for the Riders because there will be as many Rider fans at McMahon as there are Stamps fans.
  3. Sheets dramatics yesterday were an Academy performance all planned to give a false sense of security to the Stamps that dissention exists. Truth is Cortez and co. held back giving the ball to Sheets much hence in the Western Final the ball will be handed his way and the Riders will bulldoze to victory.
  4. Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How sweet the victory will be too!!! :cowboy: :wink: :oops:

I do believe the Riders did not open up their full game plan this game. Calgary on the other hand put their cards on the table by yanking Glenn in the second half. Either BC or Saskatchewan will come prepared for that in the Final and I cant see Calgary winning that one.

I always get a chuckle when fans say the team didn't show there full package ! That's like saying they didn't fully prepare to win the Game. If your telling us Sask didn't want to win and still have a chance at first, I guess we are missing something :roll:


Stamps looked impressive. Both of these Ds were pretty amazing, but Tate is good at pressing coverage deep, and the change-up was pretty brilliant. Sheets inability to block was exploited in the 2nd half, and the lack of attempting to establish a running game by the Riders was a huge mistake. The loss of Getz definitely hurt as well...meant more playing time for Rob. Getz had a respectable game going until that. That said, they STILL basically didn't use Geroy...

...some people posting here should get their water sources checked, sounds like it's been contaminated by magical fairy dust..

DD has to look away from his first read occasionally for them to utilize Geroy.

Actually Turkey, since the strategy worked so well last night, the Riders are going to continue to use it the next two seasons.

Yeah, especially late in the 4th Q when the Riders came from ahead to lose and the camera was on Chamblin you could clearly read his lips saying "Let them score". Chamblin was even clapping his hands after the Stamps scored - - obviously his master plan was to give Calgary home field.

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... very perceptive Area_51. You nailed it. Rider plan performed perfectly.
Hosting and playing in the Grey Cup will be wonderful. Can we borrow Calgary's horse for the Grey Cup when we score touchdowns? :roll: :thup: :rockin: 8) :slight_smile:

I agree with you Turkeybend2. The Riders are a clever bunch and hold their cards close to their chest. They definitely have something in the works. I believe that is why they lost the Grey Cup in 2009. It was because they had bigger plans. They knew because of inside information that Montreal would miss that last play winning field goal so SSK put a 13th player out on the field. The reason? To give Montreal one more chance to kick the winning field goal that was worth an additional $8,000 to each player on the Montreal team. SSK did this to send a clear message and that is that it is better to give than to receive. Bless the SSK football organization. :rockin:

Ok, I do like your logic beaglehound . :lol:


See you both in Regina during Grey Cup Week!! :thup: :expressionless: :wink: :smiley: :smiley:
We are always hospitable to Stampeder and Lion fans even if they are not playing in the big game.
After all, we are all related in the West!!! :oops: :smiley: :cowboy:

Lol, always glad to see TB posting, missed you while you were gone, won’t even try to jinx my Stamps by taking your bate lol


Riders should have a unicorn run up and down the sideline as a tribute to the "unstoppable" George Cortez offence - - both are just a myth.

Okay ... Now THAT was funny!