Briles is out

Mitchell's interview with the scratching post looks real good on him now.

Looks like the CFL stepped in and said no dice. Time to remove Mitchell, Austin, Tillman and Jones. They clearly all lack sound judgment

Well the CFL didn't want the brand tarnished and pulled ranks kudos to them ????
Now what?

First rational decision in 12 months.
Now the rest of the management team has to go including Jones.
The damage has been done and this is the cherry on top.
No excuse for this whole scenario - heads must roll for this and lots of them.


Slippery slope.

This management is a fn mess from top to bottom

I agree remove them all!

If you have a past. your not welcomed in the CFL. Guilty or not.

Good start, now the rest please…

Knew this was going to happen the moment Twitter/MSM took hold of the story.

Social media is a funny thing as it makes the voice of 500 feel like 500,000.

Oh well, all you diehard hardcore fans who were willing to drop the team over this can start complaining about the food service again.


It has nothing to do with being guilty or not. Our league should have a higher standard than "hes never been charged with anything so no problems with him"

Holy...tough day to be associated with the Cats as a fan, management or player.
What does coach JJ think of all this i wonder?
A messy situation. And i thought the coach he was trying to add was fan fav and ex D coordinator JR

This type of thinking is why the league is out of touch with the younger generation and will be in dire straights 10 years from now if something does not change.

Personal thoughts aside as I try not to be emotional when posting... but if the CFL stepped in and didn't allow this signing I have a big problem with it. It's not their decision.

Of course it is. Its their league and their brand similar to not allowing the cox signing.

Our clubs have been informed that should any team decide to sign Mr. Cox to a Standard Player Contract, I will refuse to register that contract. This authority rests with the Commissioner under our league’s Constitution.

HA, and it all makes the lets bring back the Wolfpack seem kind of insignificant

You forgot to include Bob in that statement. He OK'd this hiring.

Got it out FAST! Look at the typo in the first line!

Good riddance. What a strange chapter in history.

Everyone complaining that this was unjust...this is proof that this football team belongs to the fans and our city, if you think it was just 500 people complaining than you're crazy or willfully ignorant. I was getting messages from random people who could care less about the Tiger-Cats asking me what the hell is going on because they know I'm a die hard fan. That sucked that I had to explain to people who Briles was and why everybody was so upset about it. My sister literally was going to buy tix and then messaged me saying she didn't want to support this team. I don't think she has any idea we are 0-8 bless her heart.

For the league to pull the plug like this, you have to know the outrage was coming from far and wide not just Hamilton. A lot of people revealed some ugly character today IMO but to each their own, maybe you can go be a fan of the next team Briles coaches - if that ever happens.

This was a P.R nightmare waiting to happen and it should have been stopped before it ever hit the presses, and both the Cats and league are to blame for that, but in the same vein I am happy they came to their senses within 24 hours, that shows that Ambrosie will listen to the fans when it matters most.

I have no doubt in my mind the Cats didn't want to give in but the league gave them no choice and advised them to minimize the damage with a joint statement instead of the league saying they had to step in.

I'm looking forward to the day we clean house, not exactly great first step by June Jones as our new head coach, who Mitchell threw under the bus pretty much in this ordeal...we haven't even played a game under him yet and I already have a reason to dislike him.