Brikowski says he's Back

Thought somebody would have posted this by now.

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At very least they need a DE in camp in case something happens to Bowman or Knapton.

Do I recall correctly that he had an excellent camp and his being cut was a surprise?

Back then, I expected the Als to clear the way so Sam would play and then eventually start.

Well, good to see them act to shore up the gap at DE created by Lavarias's injury. Having said that, it was Markell Carter who'd had the good camp, so I'm wondering why he wasn't called (maybe he's found employment elsewhere?).

Brikowski peut être un bon remplacement en attendant que Lavarias revienne. Il connaît le vocabulaire de la défensive et le système de Thorpe. De plus, il a continué de jouer au football dans l'AFL depuis qu'il a été libéré.

Il est maintenant officiellement sur l'équipe de pratique.