Brightest Stars: CFL announces 2022 Division All-Stars

TORONTO — Zach Collaros and McLeod Bethel-Thompson are under centre for the 2022 Canadian Football League (CFL)’s Division All-Star teams. The Toronto Argonauts lead all teams with 16 selections, while the Winnipeg Blue Bombers top the West Division with 11. A total of 14 national players was selected, while two global players were named to the teams.

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Andrew Harris did not have an all-star year. It doesn't say much about the running backs in the east that he made this list.

Two BC O-linemen on the list?? Are you kidding me??

I probably would choose Ouellette over Harris. Some nostalgia votes for Harris, I think.

I wonder how much of the decision was based on fan voting and how much on other criteria--do media vote on this too?

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How is Harris the East All Star RB? 0 TDs, less than 90 yards from scrimmage per game, career low in average yards per carry. Like I get no East team had a dominant RB all year, but even just games played and stats wise, Fletcher and Ouellette outperformed him. Harris wasn't even the best RB on his team FFS lol.

Should also be Malik Carney over Ja'Gared Davis, and Micah Johnson over Dylan Wynn. Very suspect voting

So let me get this straight - Calgary achieves the most yards with their rushing attack and gives up the fewest sacks, yet not one of their O-linemen is of all-star status?

Ya ok sure ...16 Anchors are All-Stars ? No bias going on there :roll_eyes: What an absolute joke .

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I meant running game, not rushing attack

Just gonna ignore Darnell Sankey having better stats then Bighill in all categories except interceptions where they are tied...? sure the riders had a horrific season but are all-star selections based on overall team performance or individual performance?

I am still proud of Andrew Harris. He may not have got much done this year due to a season ending injury but he is still my favorite though I didn't choose him on the CFL all star list a few weeks back. Harris is originally from Winnipeg and he even played for BC and won his First Grey Cup and got his first career Grey Cup TD in Vancouver in 2011. He has 3 Grey Cups as a player especially 2 in 2019 and 2021 including winning both MVP and Most Outstanding Canadian. A first of it's kind in Grey Cup history where a player wins both awards. He made his mark. He may not have done much in Toronto this year but he will never be forgotten.

One more strike on the east vs west... There ain't a QB in the East they should be in the running here this season

OK so pretty apparent those given the right to vote have their favourite players and are not really voting for the BEST players.
**COME ON ** Calgary have a hugely better record for the offensive line than any team in the league and have the lead rusher to prove their performance and they don't even rank on this list!!
OH ! Well ! Means nothing as they don't even have an exhibition game East vs West!

Even as an Argos fan, that raised my eyebrow.

I must admit, though, that I voted for Adeboboye on ST, thinking I'd give him an "attaboy" kind of vote even though he'd finish well behind the other nominees. Lo and behold, he ends up being named all-star over East nominee for most outstanding ST player, Chandler Worthy.


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How does Boris Bede get East All-star kicker with a paltry 78% field goal accuracy? Seth Small had over 90%, and kicked the longest field goal of the season (58 yards.)


Bede was arguably the worst place kicker in the league this season.

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Oh there is no argument about it . He definitely was the WORST place kicker bar none .

I guess though that we can at least say and give the league credit for strictly allowing only blind and deaf people to do all the voting for this team .

Should really just call it the annual CFL Helen Keller All-Star team .

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Clearly, the legion of Argonaut fans stuffed the ballot boxes.

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Well they keep proving they have a Micky mouse syndrome as to quality of front office operation staff

Well, I guess we can start this thread from scratch.

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