Bright Spots of 2007 (no negativity allowed)

Ok people...we've had enough doom and gloom for one season. What were the most promising aspects of the team this season?

We didn’t have any players spontaniously combust… :wink:

Zeke Moreno

zeke and destroy and setta forgetta

My Top Ten

  1. Parking spaces were easier to find

  2. Shorter concession lines

  3. Shorter urinal lines

  4. Parachuters all landed inside the stadium

  5. There's still no hot water in the visitors' dressing room

  6. Marty York didn't pick us for first place

  7. Much improved cheerleader uniforms

  8. I finally found the beer nut vendor

  9. Albertans still can't win here

  10. We no longer have to carry the guilt of having Maas live so far away from his family

Acquiring Printers
Running game

In order (the biggest listed last):

  1. The emergence of Richie Williams as a solid young QB who played very well in his first serious streak of CFL game action and showed flashes of brilliance under very trying circumstances;

  2. The play of Nick Setta and JoJuan Armour -- two huge off-season priorities for the new GM to sign to long-term pacts;

  3. The fact that in the wreckage of a season, a core group could be identified that this franchise can build with: Moreno, McKay-Loescher, Anderson, Lumsden, Caulley, Gagne-Marcoux to name some notables;

  4. The signing of Casey Printers and the departure of Jason Maas: Time will tell if Casey can play healthy throughout 2008 and lead the team with his obvious potential.

Printers needs a training camp in the saddle to get his "ring rust" fully off. That is crystal clear to me and not a surprise after his NFL layaway in KC.

A full training camp under an EXPERIENCED HC-OC combination that maximizes Printers's abilities through an effective offensive system, gameplanning, playcalling, etc. would finally give the Cats a fighting shot from the start with two mobile, talented young QBs like Printers and Williams.

Perhaps Chang will re-emerge and rebound as well.

Nevertheless, a CFL-READY offense to compete with the rest of the league if the FA season can land us receiving help;

  1. Most importantly: the understanding that the on-field operations must be run from top to bottom with experienced people -- scouting, GM, HC, coordinators and position coaches has seemingly sunk in. LMAO

If Taaffe stays, his coordinators will be vetted by the new GM. Absolutely bet on will be Taaffe's hire, but the field will be run and winnowed by the GM.

Charlie will have to CATalogue shop to fill his staff if he wants to stay with an experienced GM in tow. It's that simple...unless the GM is a masochist. LOL :wink:


There's no way but up. As Meanstreak has alluded in previous threads, it often takes the runaway elevator shaft descent before a club reaches the CFL penthouse and our core group is very promising. Another big Canadian draft this year and the roster gains will bear fruit with the right football operations mix.

What an intriguing offseason it will be!

Oski Wee Wee,

Hahahhaaaaaa!!!!! Very funny.

Here's a few more:

  1. Biggest employer of high school football coaches

  2. Biggest contributor to other teams' successes

  3. Highest attendance per points scored at home

  4. Did not equal team's all-time worst season record

  5. Happy fans because the owner asked us to be

An Argo-Cat fan

Easy - Calgary game - a first for my son. Terrific game all around from the generosity of someone handing us a couple of free tickets when we arrived, to the food which was not bad at all, to the atmosphere and ending with great defence the old Hamilton way. Okay even I am not a big fan of the announcer but still think he just needs to change his style and relax a bit but that's just me.

As far as players: Moreno, Lumsden, Armour, Losher, Williams, Printers, Armstead, Baumen, Cauley, Keith, Hage, Hudson, Wayne, Davis, Ralph and Setta should definitely be on next years team of course subject to competition at training camps.

What we need more then anything is health at q.b. and running back and I wish Jesse would be and or consider playing at slotback. I'd love to see Cauley at running back and Lumsden at slot, of course you could use them both at different times at each position or even add Davis into the mix. There are some serious possibilites because of the ratio with Jesse, Bauman and Ralph being Canadian.I am really looking forward to next year.

Bright spots? Hmmmmm…

The lights.

The team still exists and players and staff aren't worrying if the next paycheque will arrive or not.

To me, it was the last game. Not because it was the last game and the end of the season, but because of the way they played.

They finally played a full game, played hard and tough, tried to cut down on stupid penalties. For the first time they looked like a football team to me and gave some hope for next year.

I think if that they had finished poorly it might have carried over to next year.

-aquiring Printers
-the emergence of Richie Williams
-Lumsden, Caulley and Davis running the ball
-getting rid of Jerome Davis, and giving Dyakowski and Gagne-Marcoux a year of playing time
-Curry returning kicks
-McKay's non-stop engine
-Moreno, Armour and Cody playing with passion
-firing Desjardins and pledging to get an experienced GM who will probably fire Taaafe

My highlights and most promising events over the past season:

  • taking my 8 year old grandson to his first football game in July. Great entertainment all through the game. On the field it was a loss to the A___'s but overall it was good to be there at Ivor Wynne again
  • the emergence of Richie Williams despite a coaching staff that appeared to have overlooked his abilities until they had no choice but to put him in the game
  • the signing of Casey Printers
  • Moreno, Setta and Jesse
  • and finally this season showed that nothing can be taken for granted. We had a new GM and coach for 2007 and we all thought the Grey Cup would be ours very quickly. Now the hunt is on for a new GM again and likely a new Head Coach. Good on Scott Mitchell for making the drastic decision to dump Marcel and start again. This team will be the better for it. If he had waited for another season it could very well have been another disaster in 2008.

My 2 cents:

Solid linebacking core, capable d-line, depth at qb, excellent running game, apt kicking game. Here's to a promising future; the seeds have already been planted. Just need to do a bit of weeding in the garden, and we need a lot LESS fertilizer. :slight_smile:


And yet, that stat has no bearing on the hurries and pressure the dline got. Not to say that there isn't room for improvement, but with Keith and M-L, the foundation is there. Hard to sustain pressure and get sacks with open receivers in our backfield.

Williams,Lumsden,Setta,and___----marcel is gone :stuck_out_tongue:

Hands down the brightest spot would be the firing of Mitchell. There's still a month and a couple days left in 2007, keep your fingers crossed!
Now I know this topic says "no negativity" allowed. I hardly see this as negative if you are not a fan of Mitchell, as I am. If you are, too bad.

Is that you, Mikey?