Bright Spot of the Game tonight

Was Craig Yeast.

He made a fair bit of catches. Great game by Yeast. Really wish Corey had a better game. but it isn't individual effort that wins games but it would have nicer for the first home game of the season to have a better performance.

One other question on a sidenote. What is up with Cavil? I saw he was listed on the depth chart as the 3rd slotback but yet no game action tonight.

To quote the great Monty Python writing:

“could 'ave been worse: could 'ave been raining !”

yeast played good tonight but it was pretty hard to notice because almost everyone else played horible.

He gets 1 week grace from me picking on him.

Good game for 5.


That was a very nice touchdown catch keeping one foot in bounds.

Keep it up Craig!

Gettin tired of this losing. Individual good performances don't mean squat. It's a TEAM game!

Yes but you have to find some positives to build on. In bad games for a team there won't be good team performances to talk about so I don't a problem with mentioning an only bright spot to remain positive

Kamau played well too...

I thought all the receivers played well...

Kamau - Played alright, doesnt scare anyone.

Flick - Played well, caught a couple balls, couldnt connect on a deep ball but its not like he dropped anything.

Yeast - Played very well, had a nice swing play where he avoided people in traffic.

Vaughn - Ho Hum, another good game for him.

Ralph - Nice screen play, wasnt outstanding though.

TAY CODY! played a great game comming in off the bench for bradley I think. made some big hits to knock the ball loose and some good tackles, deffinantly one if not the best defensive player tonight in my eyes :thup:

Don't forget the nice block to spring Vaughn. I was surprised at Holmes bad play. Everyone played well, it's just those darned penalties. We didn't play poorly, just undisciplined...again. Calgary's offense is looking pretty weak right now. Maybe we can capitalize before they catch fire. Calgary may also be shaken up after the Burris/Rambo fight.

Not really come in for Bradley. He and Bradley were on the field at the same time at times tonight. It seemed like Kavis was playing with the formations a lot... for some reason martin was NEVER removed from the mix.

I think our best defensive look would be: Bradley, and Cody on the outside, with Goss and Justin on the inside.


On a night when the secondary was lit up like an XMas tree, Cody was definately the only one making plays. This guy loves to hit, closes quickly, and doesn't miss tackles. He is also good on special teams for the same reasons.

Yeast did have a good game tonight. I was glad to not see him have to return punts. I don't know when Holmes was hurt, but I think it had an impact on his performance. The O had no running game in the second half, and that killed them. You run Ranek up the gut in the first quarter to make gains in the fourth. Not tonight.

One guy being lit up does not mean our secondary was lit up.


And furthermore, when the defence spends that much time of the field, it's only a matter of time until the likes of Calvillo and Cahoon burn you. It's what hey do.

A bright spot for me was the play of Terry Vaughn.

He's aggressive to the ball. Also, in the third quarter he made two strong consecutive plays in which Peterson made the catch.

The first was a wide hitch to the north sideline and Vaughn came flying across like a missile to the outside to throw a block. While he never was able to make a solid hit, his hustle and drive was enough to take out two defenders allowing Peterson to turn up field for a nice gain.

The very next play, he ran a hard corner pattern from the slot on the south side of the field clearing two defenders once again allowing Peterson to run an inside slant underneath for an easy catch and nice gain.

That's what good receivers do.

I really like the strength our O Line has. They really pushed the D back on that Radlein touchdown. They will only get stronger. Lets face it, much more exciting team to watch this year then last!

Bright spot of the game? Hmmmm... the lights.

Yeast was excellent, great speed when he got the ball, one of the few brights spots this game.