Bright side(?)

Well on the bright side things can get back to fighting over the stadium without football getting in the way

Sometimes I think so to dg! :o I wish I didn't grow up as an Argo fan but I did and I've always found it's tough to break something fully when it's entrenched. Thank goodness I love going to games right here in Hamilton at a football stadium instead of the Skydump and with a team that I love the uniforms and tradition of as well. I've come to love the TigerCats as my team, but I think you know what I'm saying if you've been a sports fan from a little kid and cheered for a team right from the time you were a toddler. And then life's circumstances take you right into another city with a team, it is confusing, at least for me I must admit. :?

But I'll be honest with you, if this city screws up with the TigerCats, it will be very easy for me to reach down in and be an Argo fan and go spend my money in Toronto and more time there. It's up to the city to keep me, if there is no team, then there is no team to cheer for. I'm probably one of the few of my kind who have this background here in the Hammer I'm sure though.

And of course I've come to love the passion of the TigerCat fans here as well, great fans all the way! :thup:

There is no bright side in losing to the Argos, especially in the playoffs.

The team regressed this season with more talent. They were 9-10 like last season but they never beat anyone who is a contender with the exception of Montreal who had nothing to play for. 3 wins over the Argos and Bombers, 2 wins over the Eskimos and a split with B.C. They lost both games to the Roughriders and the Stamps and 2 out of 3 to the Als.

Coaching on this team needs to be addressed they were ill prepared in far too many games coming out flat in the 1st half. How this team did not destroy B.C after the butt kicking they got in Calgary or how they did not destroy Toronto after losing the 2nd straight game to end the season going into yesterdays game is beyond me. Jim Barker would have had them ready I believe.

The talent on this team was wasted this year and I think Marcel should put the mascot outfit on so he can really cheer them on next year. The team should have been a contender this year and with good coaching it would have been.

Bright side?...we underacheived all year...
so I hope Obie realizes who to get rid of for next year..players and coaches

I'm with many others.

The ONLY bright side is Farr's resignation.

So far.

The other bright side will be Gibson gone.

Cleo lemon will be the Argo’s QB next year.

The scalpers selling tickets made some good money yesterday. :smiley:

Maybe he can be traded for a 5 ft 6 import? corner?

Dont forget Easley- possible trade for Oshea???

Be clear Mass: if Chris can be re-signed here, I would like to see the Cats re-sign him. However, his body of work doesn't infer that Obie should break the bank to do so. I honestly think that Winnipeg is a likelier destination given his roots and their NI receiver requirements.

Oski Wee Wee,


Difficult to trade someone who is about to become a free agent. . .

Ha ha, glad u got that one

IF there is a bright side-
Obie will re-sign Bauman because if he does not, it will be another waste of a top pick, 4 years of wasted time, for nothing in return
Also, they should go into next years camp seriously looking at Porter to be the starter, agian to avoid a lot of wasted time for nothing in return!
Why, because most pro teams would salavate over having a 6ft5 QB and a 6ft5 slotback/wideout!

Time for the Ticats to STOP behaving like the “Make us Laffs” of the CFL!!

I'm sorry, but it would be RIDICULOUS for us to pay Bauman a lot of money to stay here based on a quarter of a decent season. I like Chris. He's a nice guy and he's finally starting to live up to expectations, but he hasn't done nearly enough for us to pay him large money we could be using somewhere else. If he will re-sign with us for the right price I'm all for it. If he wants a lot more then I hope the door doesn't hit him on the way out.