Bright side(?)

Well, it's over....... :cry:

But, there actually was a little bit of a bright side, contradicting many naysaying posters on here:

Receiving Rec YDS TD LG
C. BAUMAN 5 108 0 30

Leading receiver for the Cats, by a longshot!! 0 drops!! Every other receiver dropped at least one today.

As he did in last year's SF against BC, he made clutch catches. So, does he stay or does he go to greener pastures? Some other team that will give him half a chance, and not bench him for 1 drop in a game, when he only has 1 pass thrown to him in that game.
Definitely don't want him to go somewhere else and become a 1,000-yard guy, but I'm not sure he will get an honest chance here.

Temepred by the fact that was against a prevent defence.

Honestly, no. Three, maybe four games of note in four years. If there's a greener pasture to make more of a consistent impact, I wish him well.

Oski Wee Wee,


Ok, so if it was a prevent defence (I'm not disagreeing), why did he average 22 yards/catch? A prevent defence's purpose is to prevent a long catch. 22 yard average seems pretty good, given that he also had the longest catch of the day.

The bright side? We dont have to face the Alouettes next week. Argos are gonna lose big time.

He will leave the Cats and become one of the better Canadian receivers in the league. Mark my words.

Why would the cats get rid of him now after 3 yrs. of grooming the guy.
Next yr. will be a big yr. for Chris, I hope it is with the cats.


Well, for his sake, I hope you are right! I think he has a lot of potential, maybe took a while to realize it, but seems to be coming into form now. If he gets an honest shot, who knows??

Probably. History of young Canucks with similar performance as a Ti-Cat would say so.

Read this quickly. It will disappear soon.

Bright side? Well if there is one perhaps it's that, in this year's semi-final, on the key play that decided the outcome, everybody's bladder was under control and we had full compliment of players on the field.

There no bright side 500 Team lose in Semi Final same as last year..

This team look like they where not ready to play

Bright side:
If SSK loses we pick 3rd overall.If BC loses we pick 4th overall.Either way good picks, hopefully Obie will use them wisely.

The bright side is that as everyone was exiting the stadium, Jason Farr announced that he wouldn't be back next year.

It doesn't matter, cause at this rate there's going to be no team to watch next year anyways.Sad but true.

No question, that IS A BRIGHT SIDE. A reason to look forward to next year.

Halton Tigercats!

(Bob, if I were you, I'd dump the TigerCats and own the Argos, no new stadium in Hamilton and Toronto gets the funding, hey just a thought from a former Argos-is-best TigerCat fan. :wink: )

Earl, sometimes I think your on drugs while making your posts.

LOL, as much as I have been hoping for this for years, I actually felt a little sad for him (I am such a sap). I am a little afraid that what we might get could be worse then what we had lol. I hope Farr does a great job representing my ward.


Oski Wee Wee,


At least one Braley team won today...