Brier numbers critical

I thought this was interesting and although doesnt have a whole lot to do with the Cats...I believe it is important to us as sports fans in Hamilton.

Future big league events hinge on sweeping attendance

The judge and jury may be invisible, but Hamilton goes on trial in two weeks.

And unless the city and its hinterland support the Nokia Brier in far greater numbers than indicated by the early returns, Hamilton will be hard-pressed to land other major national or international events.

The Hammer is being watched with a critical eye by the master carpenters: by figure skating; by Hockey Canada; by international games groups; even by the NHL, which would be entitled to its we-told-you-so attitude if the Brier draws only friends and flies.

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This is Sport is Boring

Interesting article...however the fact that Milton got the title sponsor wrong, calls a lot of what he is saying into question. Its also harder to 'rally the troops' to an event that doesnt technically exist.

Tim Hortons is the sponsor and has been for the last couple years.

Ahhh..the comments of the ignorant. Curling is an often misunderstood and underestimated sport.

Try playing it and I bet your attitude will change. If not change, I'm positive a new found respect for curlers will be present.

This is Sport is Boring
You would think since this is a football fan board that people would understand and appreciate the strategy invovled in the game.

It takes a lot of skill to squeeze the stones through the holes they manage to find.
It's a great team sport, and fun to watch (yes, it is not as high pased as hockey, ro football can be).
Plus when you are playing, it is a good excuse to knock back a few after the game.

Sorry, I DID try it.
Perhaps the concussion I got while playing it has coloured my attitude toawrd the whole thing.
It's a rough sport! :oops:

One event will not decide our future. I read the story, he's being overdramatic.

What happens if the reason for something not working is maybe it wasn't marketed or produced properly?

For years I've heard people from around the country say we shouldn't have a football team, nobody cares anymore, this city can't support a sports organization.

Then, finally, someone who knows how to run a business takes over and now we're a success?

I wouldn't read much into the story.

I played it a couple of times, it was fun. But don't plan on going and I'm not apologizing for it, just not interested. Maybe Hamilton isn't the best place for curling as I'm not sure this is a curling hotbed of fans like other cities in Canada. Again, one of the problems with the great thinkers at city hall building an NHL sized arena for this community, dumb, dumb, dumb, they should have built a great 9,000-10,000 seater and kept OHA hockey alive. And now we are supposed to buy tickets even if we don't want to to make Hamilton look big time. No thanks city hall, you guys buy the tickets and go to your building you decided to build instead of investing in the team we had, the Cats, and building a new stadium or renovating the one we had.
Enough. :x

Sport? curling is a joke. its a game. schuffle board on ice. please tell me you dont think those guys are athletes.

Dam What's Next Lawn Bowling :lol:

again..the ignorance astounds me.

spoken like men who have never stepped on a sheet


The negative comments are just from guys that are more impressed with so called 'athletics' (only defined as speed, stregnth, etc) who have never been there themselves and can not comprehend the strategy involved.

Not only that, playing lead or second can be quite a workout.

lol strategy ...i understand that it is a GAME that requires thought. i contest calling it a sport. can you seriously put together an argument as to why it should be considered a sport. marbles requires strategy. whoknows trust me i understand sport very well. tool.

I've never played and I actually wasn't much of a fan, but I will watch any sport in which Canadians participate. So once I actually started to understand the object of it, it was pretty interesting to watch.

everyone here tries sooo hard to be pc it makes me sick. any game you can play while drinking a beer can not be called a sport.

Contrary to popular belief one PLAYS and drinks at the same time. However it is customary for the winning team to buy the losing team a beverage AFTER the game. Again, I'll chalk it up to ignorance.

how is that ignorance. im asking you do you consider it a sport and if so why. just because i dont think its a sport doesnt mean i dont think the people that play it arent good. i have respect for dart players and poker players too. whenever you are up for the challenge i will be excited to hear your argument. please enlighten the ignorant.

Who is being PC?? It’s a matter of opinion. You don’t like it and you don’t think it’s a sport? Good for you. That’s your right. Other people do like it. That’s their choice. I don’t see anything PC about that. :roll: